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Hello everyone,

I am planing this years summertrip and I would really like it to be in the deep jungle of the amazonas. I speak almost fluent spanish, but I would like some classes of grammatical assistence. I primarily want to supply my studies with a volunteer "job" in the real jungle (not the outskirts - been there done that) working with sustainable development. Preferebly something like agriculture or other ecological work - water supply etc.

Anyways, does anybody have any contacts or info they might forward to me? I found a few possibilities, but they are all in Ecuador in the bordercities like Puno or Coca. I would prefer Iquitos or somewhere similar. Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay or Colombia are all possible choices...

Please give me some words of gold:o)

Thanks, Trine

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The best advice I can give is to browse the websites of the universities of Copenhagen / Aarhus and find out about research programmes that involve fieldwork in the area you're interested in. The topic of research doesn't really matter; what you need, is to get to know the local officials that these fieldworkers know, and volunteer projects that they know of. The foreign community doing this kind of thing is very small, so everyone usually knows everyone.

I can probably hook you up myself with people (linguists and anthropologists) in the Ecuadorian and Bolivian jungle, but not in Peru. Contact me by pm or email (address in one of the links in my profile) if you're interested.

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Try here:
It is a jungle community trying to establish a sustainable ecotourism project,
but don't be fooled, it should be hardcore enough for your tastes.
The Torewa community are based in Bolivia, north of La Paz, 3 hours by boat form Rurrenabaque.

Some other options here:


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