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Hi everyone,

So I finally made the decision to travel to Egypt and possibly Jordan on my own this march. I desperately need to keep a tght budget so I am thinking about doing Go Bus Egypt instead of the tour companies which are all averaging around £500 for a tour. Has anyone ever used Go Bus Egypt? How did you find it? Were you able to meet anyone? I will be traveling by myself and therefore really want to be able to meet others on the way. If anyone reads this and is considering going to Egypt as well....let me know and maybe we can coordinate our plans. Cheers

Grace Marie

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I never heard of Go Bus. I went to Egypt in October and had a great time. We flew from Cairo to Sharm to Luxor and Aswan to Cairo. It cost us about $100 Cdn including tax. That is a great deal for 4 flights and it was quick. Otherwise we travelled by Taxi everywhere becuase that is just the way they do it there. I took more taxis in Egypt than all my trips combined. I would highly recommend Dahab in the Sinai Peninsula. We stayed at Penguin Resort and met tons of people and found so much to do. It is very laid back and relaxed compared to the rest of Egypt. We took a 4-night Nile Cruise with Presidential Cruise Lines. I never thought I would do that but it was great. It cost $250 Cdn and it included 4 nights first class accomodations, tours in the morning and afternoon, all meals and entertainment. I usually don't go for the organized trips but being only 4 days I gave it a try. Now I wouldn't have doen it any other way. All the major sights along the Nile are packed with scams and hagglers. It's ridiculous. Since you have to take a taxi everywhere it gets very exhausting watching your back and haggling everywhere you go. the cruise took that stress away. I loved the group of people I met. There were people of all ages and they become a little mini-family for a few days. Cairo is crazy busy and a day was plenty for me. If you stay in Cairo, I would recommend "Let Me Inn." It can be booked through Hostelworld. It was like an oasis in the chaos. They made us a huge breakfast and dinner, the rooms were clean and gorgeous. Free Internet. Free airport pickup. They gave a us free water and Coke. They even gave a half-night rate b/c our flight left at 2am. Definately a good place to stay.

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Just buy a good guidebook (like the Lonely Planet Egypt) and forget about going on a bus tour. If you do it on your own you can easily travel on less than 20 USD per day. Take a good look at the price of the Go Bus tour, then multiply the days by 20 and you can compare. Multiplying the number of days by 20 USD will give you the price it would take you to do it on your own with nothing but your own brain and the guidebook as your helper. Then think hard whether the difference in price and the lack of flexibility of being in a group is worth the difference.

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I was in Egypt last Xmas for 14 days and I realised that it would be so difficult if I went by my self. I went with Oasis Traveland - special tour to celebrate Xmas and have to say it was excellent. So just want to share this. Everything was smoothly organised and would save a lot of times and hassles if I had to do it myself.

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I'm going to Egypt in mid-March, too! :D Will also be traveling alone, so it'd be great to meet up and plan things together :) I hope to go around Cairo, Luxor, maybe Abu Simbel, and also diving in Dahab :D

Lemme know if you're interested in buddying up!


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Did 2 week in egypt last Oct on the budget as we were on the end of our 5 months trip. To be frank its not easy to do it on your own, as there are alot of hassling, everyone is trying to rip you off. You have to be really firm. I would advise you to travel with a companion, at least can look out for each others. The pyramids and sights are all price crazily. But the egyptian museum was well worth every single cents.