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Hi everyone,

I have always wanted to see Jakarta, but was told by some Indonesian friends that it's really more for business and they discouraged me from going so I never have. A month from now, I have planned a long weekend to Bali (from K.L.) and set up my flight itenerary so that I will have a long layover in Jakarta (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM). I know this isn't much time, but my intentions are to use this time as a preview of the city to see if I would be interested in travelling there in the future. However, I have a couple of logistics questions. The first is airport lockers. Does anyone know if there is a safe place at the airport where I can store my bags? The second is transportation. We were offered a driver for US9 a day in Bali if I rented a car. A setup like this might be preffereable to taking taxi cabs everywhere ( I have no intentions of driving in Jakarta). Should I look into this, or just stick with cabs? Are cabs expensive in Jakarta as compared to K.L. or Bangkok? By the way, my wife will be going with me and she can speak the language.

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I may have partially found the answer to my question. I have heard that I may rent a car and driver through Goldenbird at the airport for a rate near US5 an hour. Is this accurate?

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hi bigfoot,

just info for u, jakarta is almost get traffic jam every day and every where.
so u must plan ur trip in jkt very well to avoid miss ur plane.


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I would first take Blue Bird taxi's. I have been to Jakarta twice now and if I never saw the place again, it would be just fine. Indonesia has some very lovely places to go and why anyone would want to go out to "scout" around Jakarta, would amaze me. But if you do go, find the "snake lady", she has some awsome and inexpensive gifts.

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Well Lisa,

In that case, it's fortunate that I will not be requiring you to accompany me. By the way, my day trip is planned for a Saturday and I am hoping the traffic will be just a little bit better than it would be on the weekdays.