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To start - here are my travel plans.

Fly from Ottawa, CND to Cancun, stay on Isla Mujeres for two nights, bus to Merida for a week long inline skating training camp. (stop at ruin on the way to Merida)

Bus to Tuxtla

Week long International races

Here is the question......

I'm flying out of Mexico City on April 1, the races are done on Friday March 28. I don't really want to fly up to Mexico City and would like to do a bit of sight seeing on the way there. Perhaps a bus, make stops....but not sure where. Any ideas on any great things to see or do??

Any info on Tuxtla as well would be handy. I'm there for a week, but we will have free time, best restaurants, places NOT to go...etc.

There will be a group of us (up to 10), but we won't all be doing the same things all the time and there are about 4 of us heading back home out of Mexico City.

Any insight from others would be MUCHLY appreciated!!


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I strongly suggest you visit the state of Oaxaca. The capital city of Oaxaca, along with Puebla, are considered to have the best food in all of Mexico and has great architecture. There are numerous waterfalls and caves and caverns in the area, the best of which is Cueva del Chevé. There are very high moutain peaks, and lots of low-lying valleys. The ocean city of Puerto Escondido is supposed to be what all the great tourist resorts were like before the tourist trade took over.

The other nice thing about Oaxaca is that the weather is beautiful year-round (like springtime no matter when you go).

I'd also say you should consider spending a day in Cuenavaca, just south of Mexico City in the highlands. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico.

However, keep in mind that it is quite a ways from Tuxtla to Mexico City. I doubt that you would have too much extra time once the travel time on the bus is taken into account.


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I totally agree with Calcruzer but I would just suggest taking a flight from Merida to Chiapas to save time!

if you want to make it easy and less impressive places, you can also try stopping at campeche (great city!!), veracruz, Puebla and then Mexico city.

Good luck

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Along that route it's also worth making a stops in Palenque and San Cristobal de las Casas. In Palenque the ruins are fantastic. I enjoyed visiting the small villages surrounding San Cristobal. The markets are good there too!

que te vaya bien!

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Is there some way to get in to US via Mexico? Im talking about Legal stuff ( with italian passport and that stuff..) Is it expensive? By Bus?

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You should probably put this question in a separate post--but the answer is yes. All you need to do is to get a visa from the US embassy. Then when you travel to Mexico and cross over the border via car, bus, or plane, you'll show your US visa at the time--and they'll ask you a few questions, then wave you through.

P.S. Don't buy a lot of alcohol--and definitely not illegal drugs in Mexico. It is possible that they will search your car as you come across the border. You will be arrested if you have illegal drugs on you--and you are limited in the amount of alcohol you can bring across--and will be asked to dump the excess if you have too much. (And, of course, drinking it first is even worse).