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Hi folks,

I'm new here so hello to one and all!

I am currently halfway through my MSc and rather bored at the moment so am plotting my escape in 2009! I want to travel but do more than just sit on a beach - that would genuinely bore me! I am learning Arabic in my spare time at night school during my degree, so a location I could practice that would be a bonus.

I have looked at Global Exchange the VSO programme for 18-25 year olds, and it's not quite clear whereabouts they do work...anyone have an idea? I have also had a look at BUNAC options, as they seem the most popular volunteer providers. They do work in Turkey, does anyone have experience of it specifically in Turkey? Could anyone recommend any other providers, I am based in the UK also if that is a point of note.

Oh and I had a quick search of old threads, and read some good stuff but my questions are bit specific! Anyone that can help - cheers!


2. Posted by bertles86 (Inactive 108 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Any help at all would be grand folks, I'm seriously lost in the world of volunteering!!

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Hello Bertles :)

U could take a look at what is on offer in this link.


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Hi Bertles,

I'm going on a volunteering program soon in Tanzania,
with an organization called Buffalotrails.
It's based in Netherlands, but anyone can apply for it.
The fees are low, 250euros a month for the accomodation n food.
The staff are great, they helped me with any inquiries, esp when I was worried about Kenya and was in constant contact with them to check out the situation.
(we were going to Kenya initially, but changed it to Tanzania due to the riots, and they had no problem with that)

But I have also heard some free programs, they'r actually called Grassroots organization.
These types of programs are abit less structured, as in it depends on your spontaneity to just help in whatever way you like once you get there.
I've read about all these in a book (can't remember the exact title -i just read all of it in a bookstore lol) probably called 'volunteering' - it's really not worth buying, bt at least i found that there were actually volunteering programs u cld go on, without having to pay!

hope all that helped! any questions, PM me!


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Does anyone have website addresses for these volunteer organisers - have done a search but not come up with anything - if not, does anyone know of "lower cost" volunteer organisations?

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