are you a venus or a mars?

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ok...are men and women that different from each other? i only ask because my doctor friend says that we are wired different from like the cave days. women arent excellent at one thing because they had to be good at many different things-multitasking. men are only, usually good at one thing because of the hunter mentality. or so my friend says. i think differently. people are people. but i do pull the girlie card and i dont even know im doing it. for example, when i needed my computer fixed, or when i have to lift heavy things. or when i was pulled over by a cop... that sort of thing.

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I don't agree with your doctor friend.

In my opinion, it depends on what you were brought up and taught like, and what you have to work with.

Of course, there's a difference between women's and men's physiques (muscles etc). This could be a result of the "hunter mentality".

I'd say men can do work, which is usually done by women, as good as women can. And inversely. In both cases, they have to practice first.

btw ... cw (corrections welcome :))


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To a certain degree it's true that we are a product of our upbringing but there are elements that were never taught or influenced or whatever. I do find myself being overly girly sometimes, and at other not girly at all. But the overly girly things are ingrained in me, not taught to me by anyone. To a certain extent, we're fed the information of what we're supposed to like depending on our gender from a very young age by ads and commercials, but what about those people who never followed those rules? It just didn't appeal to them. So we all have that Venus and/or Mars in us, they're just applied in different areas of our lives. Damn... somehow I lost my point in all that.... I'm tired...

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i agree. i grew up in a traditional family. but i fought it with tooth and nail. i hated the idea of the "helpless" girl. so. i never wanted any help. i felt and still feel women can and do whatever that males can do. except that its of course different for everyone depending on their experience. nature vs. nuture and what not. my parents believe that i should not leave the home until the day of my marriage. of course things are different for me. now that im a little bit older and such. i dont really care, but it shocked me to hear it from my friend. and i think alot of people still think that men and women are planets. i think we are the same and different alike. whatever that may mean. foo sho.

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"i hated the idea of the "helpless" girl"

its not so bad. if you think about it, you stand to benefit from being underestimated, in some cases. i mean if people think ,"oh shes just a 'helpless girl', she can't do that." think of how surprised they will be when it turns out you can :)

no one is gonna be impressed by i guy who can change the oil in his car, but if a young lady can . . . well i'll be damned!

of course that can cut two ways , and be the cause for people discounting your opinions. but don't let it get you down, use thier weakness against them.

i mean, for real if you can get some guy to do the work for you i guess your not so helpless after all. ;)

i'm a guy , people expect me to pick up heavy objects all the time :(
sometimes i wish i could pull a Blanche DuBois, "Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers." kisses.