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1. Posted by HUSSMAN198 (Budding Member 20 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hi, We are going to travel most of Europe this year and am wondering about entering countries. Coming from Australia we obviously have no bordering countries... So whilst travelling from say france to italy by train, when is it that you go through customs???? Also do you have to have accomodation previously booked before you enter the country?????? I know when we enter england we have to have proof that we will be leaving the country.... Will an open return ticket be sufficient for that and if that proof is needed through out europe, will a eurail pass be sufficient???? Not the biggest drama in the world but just thought i'd ask.... Thanks in advance for you input..

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I haven't caught that train so not sure, but if it is like the train I did catch that went through other countries you either don't have you passport checked at all or it was just before leaving the station.

Half the time when getting flights their is not even a person when you land at the next airport to even stamp you in to the country. I got flights to 5 countries in a row in Europe without even having my passport looked at let alone swiped to say I am a legal tourist in the country.

I know that as an Australian (considered a high risk of overstaying or breaking visa conditions in UK) you get an extreme going over with questions etc before eventually they will let you through. As long as you had some sort of proof that you plan on leaving that should do, but when entering through London just make sure you have a place booked for at least one night and know a rough idea of an itinerary with dates to leave the UK. At London/Heathrow I was getting questioned heaps for about 10 minutes whilst a huge queue of a couple of hundred people was waiting. When I went back for a holiday after becoming a dual British/Australian citizen and British passport holder, they barely even looked at my passport before letting me in.

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I've never been asked for a passport when entering a new country by train.. I've never been from France to Italy, but Italy to France I took a night train and slept through the whole thing and wasn't bothered by anyone wanting to see my passport. Not even at the start of the train ride..

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You'll be fine. Just don't commit any infractions and they'll have no reason to check your passport.

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Once you enter the Schengen area you are free to move from country to country. No one will ask to see your passport/visa no matter if you cross the border by plane, train, bike, foot or levitating because there are no such border posts anymore. Trains don't even stop and Schengen flights are considered domestic. You will only go through customs in the first country you visit entering the area (at the airport in Paris, for instance..)

You can check which countries are part of the agreement and the rest of the stuff here:

Remember UK and Ireland didn't sign the Schengen Agreement so they count as independent areas for these purposes.

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coming from the uk having accom booked or return flights isnt required for europe but i wouldnt know if its different coming from aus. but once ur in a country in mainland europe alot of the western countries have a no passport policy so you can travel around them freely. I belive you get a visa that covers all the "schengen zone" that they'll check when u enter say france u can then travel to italy or where ever with out getting checked. have a look on net to see which countries are covered and its just been expanded to include much of eastern europe too.

hope that makes sense

andy :D

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lol sorry just noitced what i saids already been posted. that'll learn me to read all the posts before i post!! anyways hope its answered ur questions!!

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you never get you passport checked? whenever i fly anywhere even UK domestic flights i get it checked. although now im guessing that you just mean the looked at it and that was that. i now feel a bit daft..not sure why i posted this...
Ill make it fun - Galway airport (west coast ireland) has one old garda (policeman) standing in a wooden booth as their passport security check

9. Posted by Sander (Moderator 5874 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Lorcan, as Gusiluz said before: The UK isn't part of the Schengen zone.

Beyond that, air travel does pretty much always require some form of photo identification (cause, you know, you could be one of those those scary commies, oops, sorry, I meant terrrists), but yeah, no passport checks when travelling overland within the Schengen zone.

10. Posted by Gusiluz (Full Member 77 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Yes, as Sander said, in Schengen flights, when you pass through security check you still need to show some sort of identification document (passport or identity card) to check that the name on the boarding card matches that of the owner, but policeman or men at charge don't look or check any data on the computer or anything.