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My boyf and I are planningto go to Kibbutz in March 2005 for 3 months. We will then be going to Cairo onto Uganda, from there we will go overland to Capetown. From SA we know we will be going to Nepal, India, Hong Kong, down South east Asia, Indonesia to Australia, to end up working in Newzeland for a while. I am pretty clear about the first phase of our trip but, get stuck at planning the order of things from when we leave SA. We want to balance out working to pay our way, with trekking.

The ideal is to avoid negative impact on the environment as we go so we will be travelling overland as much as possible and with low budget we will definately be working on farms etc...
Most RTW travel implies 1 year maximum. As we are on Kibbutz for 3 months and wish to work in Newzeland for over 6 months, this leaves us with a a journey way over the year. What is the best way forward to buy a ticket for over a year travel with as much flexibility as possible. Is it best/cheapest to buy tickets as and when?

How much of the journey would you recommend we have in place before going away?


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I recommend buying your RTW ticket before you go I got mine from www.travel-nation.co.uk whom are very good They also specialise in RTW tickets for over a year but I think it depends what itinery you choose. If you can't get a RTW ticket for over a year then an idea may be to hunt around for a RTW that takes you to OZ and NZ and then after it expires get a separate air fare back home or to further destinations. Travel nation were really good with all my questions, queries and eventually my booking. Also their website is pretty cool too

Best of luck


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me and my mate are planning on going away to canada next year to stay for about a year and work too but we dont have any information on how to get a visa, or whether we need a visa to work. so if any1 has got any advise please send them to me coz wer desperat to no thanx

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My boyfriend and I just bought the first part of our year long RTW trip. We're going Mexico-Peru-Brazil-Argentina-Miami-Madrid-Jo'burg starting Jan 2005. We are going thru STA Travel and they've been great so far www.statravel.com They have offices in over 100 countries and offer great discounts.

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