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I am seriously considering a job offer in Dunedin and have had some difficulties finding information concerning housing in Dunedin. My wife and I (and our Cat if he gets cleared to enter) would be moving there and I would like to know if anyones has an idea of what we should expect to pay for renting a apartment or house (preferebly furnished). Or does anyone know of any good websites that might help us. My job would be in Central Dunedin and I would prefer to be close to there as I am sick of communting a long distance.

We visited Dunedin years ago and have been to the NZ government web site on cost of living, but do not think it is up-to-date. Any information on what it costs to live in Dunedin (food, entertainment, travel, etc.) would also be appreciated.

Thank you.


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Hi, I studied in Dunedin last year. The city is strongly influenced by the relatively large University student population, so there's a lot of rental property available. Much of it is fairly low standard, but with a more than a student income, you should have no trouble finding somewhere quite nice for two of you for around NZ$250 per week. Cheaper is completely possible, but at that level you should get somewhere really comfortable. Places are often semi-furnished, although there's lots of second hand furniture available due to the student population.

Dunedin is little. You'll easily find somewhere within walking distance of Central Dunedin.

Best place top find listings for decent accommodation is the "To Let" section of the Otago Bulletin - a weekly .pdf document you download from this page. Alternatiively serach some of the real estate agent websites for rental listings e.g. or (NZ's major auction site - like Eb*y).

Prices in Dunedin for food etc are the same as throughout NZ. Your power bill could get a little steep over winter as it gets pretty cold there, and building insulation isn't often very good. NZ$100 a week would be plenty for groceries, NZ$200 would be living lavishly. Check one of the supermarkets online for detailed grocery prices e.g.

NZ$14 should buy you a 6-pack of Heineken beer from a Supermarket - less on special. NZ$6 will get you a 500ml bottle of the excellent local brew Emersons. A full priced cinema ticket is about $14.40, a one night new release DVD hire is about NZ$8.

Best place for fresh produce (especially fruit and vegetables) is the excellent Farmers market each Saturday morning by Dunedin's historic railway station.

Make sure you get out on the Otago Peninsula and see some wildlife, and into Central Otago for wines and skiing/ snowboarding/ mountain hiking....

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Also, daily fuel prices here: