Going travelling 17th March on my own!!stil alot2sort!!Help

Travel Forums General Talk Going travelling 17th March on my own!!stil alot2sort!!Help

1. Posted by laura lee (Budding Member 3 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone i'm new to this, only started one forum. Anyway i'm getting really excited now as i go travelling 17th March!!..Stil loads to sort out so bit panicky too!!.. if people could help me out on some simple questions it would be much appreciated!! It sounds pretty unorganised but stll got these things to sort out...heeeelp. hehe.

Australia working Visa - Does anyone know of any cheap websites, how much should it cost?(for 6 months) or can i just get it there?

Insurance - How much? i've been quoted £180. Now call me crazy but it feels a bit much to spend on somethin i'm not gonna see..if u know wot i mean...whats the best way/cheapest way to go about it? i know its vital but dont want it to break the bank!

Money - Whats the best thing to do for each country i arrive in? cheap excanges etc...as u can see this is all new to me so is certainly gonna be an adventure!..i'm going alone and pretty clueless about a lot of this if i'm honest! Hoping the spontinuity is a positive thing!!!haha.

Any advice would be great!!! Thanks :)

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Hey Laura Lee!!!

I'm gonna give you some information that I found out when doing my own research. I'm panning on going to New Zealand this June so I've really looked into a lot of different options. If anyone else reads this, please feel free to correct me with any false information.

First off, with working visas, you can apply for one on your own but I've heard that they can take awhile. 6 to 8 weeks was what I heard but I could be wrong. So unless you have enough money to support yourself for the 6 months you are there, you're gonna wanna get one. I don't know how much they cost. You should check out BUNAC. They do all the work for you at your expense. Check out how much it will cost you for where you live. Also, I'm pretty sure you have to have one before you arrive in the country. Again, I could be wrong.

If you are spending more than 3 months in a country you HAVE to have insurance. I know you do for New Zealand, at least. And trust me, you're going to want it!!! Better safe than sorry!!!

I'm not too sure about money issues. I, myself, haven't been to a foriegn country so I'm gonna have to cross that bridge when I get to it. If you go through BUNAC, they help you with setting up a bank account, so that's good.

So, to be realistic, if you really want to spend 6 months there, you're going to want to give yourself some more time. Unless you want to fork over the big bucks!!! And you probably don't want to do that because you want to have as much as you can when you get there!!! Good luck with getting everything prepared and planned out. It's a long process but I know it'll be worth it in the end. Cheers!!!

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hey laura

this post fisrt caught my eye cos i'm going away for 6 months on 16th mar for the first time!! i'm too getting very excited!! i dont think getting the work visa is as big a prob as it seems, i know you have to get it before your in australia. my neighbour has recently gone and he got his about 2 weeks before he left because it was quite last minute. you can apply for it ur self on the aus government visa site then u dont have to pay for a middle man and its pretty straight forward. not too sure what the price is but belive its about 100ish pound.

i've not been rtw but when went about in europe the easiest way to get money is to have a debit card that doesnt charge u to take out abroad and use cash machines. that is what i plan to do then you can get local currnecy out in the amout u need at the best exchange rate.

travel insurance is annoying but 180 is about what i'm expecting to pay, was hoping to be a bit cheaper about 120-150. the best place to look is the site comparison sites like confused or moneysupermarket.

hope that helps

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A month to go, i'm sure you are getting very excited. But no need to panic, you'll be alright. Life and traveling is all very easy, just relax.

Working Visa - I think the only people who will tell you that it takes 6-8 weeks to process an Australian Working Visa is BUNAC who want you to apply through them so they can steal your money. You can apply straight from the Australian Immigration website. Unless things have changed since I applied there is no paper work, sending in documents or passports or any of that. You fill out the online application and you will get an email back saying if you have been accepted. When I applied I checked my email 5 hours later and I had gotten confirmation. That's how long it took - 20 minutes to fill out the app, and 5 hours to wait for a response. When you get to Australia you have to make a visit to immigration where they will put your visa in your passport. The cost is $190AUS. Yes, you must be outside Australia to apply. Here's the website for the info and application.
On a side note, for Squarabara who is heading to NZ, when I applied for my NZ working holiday visa it took quite a long while to process because I had to send in my passport and information. It took them a whole 4 days before they sent me my visa back. My UK visa took about the same.

Insurance - not an option, it's a necessary evil of travel. I can't help you out with costs or companies for a Brit because it's different for us Canucks, but you will have to bite the bullet and fork out the doe to whatever company you choose.

Money - I've always found ATM debit cards to be the easiest, though not always the cheapest. With your debit card, you can withdrawl local currency in just about any country straight from your bank account at home. I would say take a look around at a few different banks at home and see who offers the cheapest (or free) fees for international withdrawals. If you can find a good deal, than open an account with them and use this as your primary source of funds in just about every country that you go to. There's very few countries left in the world that don't have ATMs where you can do international withdrawals. Make sure your debit card has PLUS or CIRRUS on the back, which are the two main international banking companies. Most ATMs everywhere will accept one or the other, or both. Even with paying ATM fees, quite often it's cheaper than the fees for exchanging traveler's cheques or cash. However, even if using debit cards as you primary source of money, it's always recommended to take a couple hundred in Traveler's cheques and/or cash just in case. You never know when you'll loose your card or end up in a place where you can't find an ATM.

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Oh my!! Bet youre really excited! Ive just handed in my notice at work and hope to go round the world in a few months, im just working two temp jobs and every hour that i physically can in order to save up!
I think youve got all the advice you need on working visas in australia, plan on getting mine closer to the time that i leave even thought they are valid for 12months once you get it. Its easy enough to get though, a form online and just a case of waiting 2 or so weeks from what ive read.
As for money im going to get enough travellers cheques to keep me going for a few days in each place, just incase theres any way that i cant get to an ATM.
Insurance is a must!!! i know everyone says it but it really is, sods law says that if you get it you wont need it but you know fine well that if you dont get it you will need it. Ime xactly the same cos i dont like paying for something that i dont see but im glad i did get it cos i when i did eastern europe i got robbed and because i had insurance i got the money back plus replacement camera and phone!
Hope all goes well with your trip!

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Hi Laura

I start my first and solo trip in two weeks so know exactly how your feeling right now, very excited but also a little bit apprehensive as to what the next 18 months will bring.

I'm just about ready to go now so might be able to offer a bit of advice....

1- I have a working holiday visa for NZ so can't be certain for OZ but I sent off my passport (by Special Delivery of course) to the NZ consulate and they sent it back within 48 hours, that said I would sort it out sooner rather than later. Also I personally wouldn't use BUNAC as they charge a small fortune to do what you can do yourself for free however some people like the security of having an organisation to turn to if you get into bother.

2- I got adequate insurance through flexicover (google it) for £150, and you would be nuts to go without any cover.

3-The first six months of my trip is in Asia and I'll be using a debit card as I go around that doesn't get charged by my bank, also taking a spare card just in case mine gets swallowed by ATM, lost etc... On top of that a stash of USD just in case! When I reach NZ I will open a local bank account for wages and get some money wired in from the UK, which I'm told is all pretty straight forward....we'll see ha!

Hope this has helped a bit and you get it all sorted in plenty of time

Happy travels Ruby

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Oooh 17th March, my birthday!

I went with Coverworks and paid £249 for my travel insurance (with a second year extension for only £169) with my WHV thrown in for free. (This website/company was recommended by my How to Get Work Abroad book I had). The free WHV is sometimes only available ata reduced rate. Depends what time of year you are looking. Before Xmas, it wasnt free. But if it is, you save yourself £110!...looks like the deal is still there if you trawl the website.

I applied on Sun Jan 4th 08 at 5.30pm, by 3.30pm the next day I had a WHV!!! I didnt have to send anything off, just filled out the somewhat basic application online (which was a tad disconcerting but thats all you have to do!) I used the correct (ish) wording of why you want a WHV and stated I was going for casual work, vineyard work, volunteer work and some WWOOFing et voila, me who has left applying for this til only 3 months before the age deadline of 30 and I was away!

The Coverworks insurance is set up specifically for a WHV with backpacking.

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Degolasse is spot on about the visa's.

I had to wait 2 weeks for my confirmation, and yet my mate waited 12 hours lol. Apply through the link Degolasse gave you. Its roughly £87 ;)