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I am going to be in Uganda in July this year doing some volunteering for a month, when I am finished I was planning on travelling for a further three weeks and was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for itineraries etc?
I will have spent time gorilla trekking in Uganda prior to this, so I thought that travelling to Tanzania may be a good option (Avoiding Kenya due to the current political upheaval),

Would travelling overland to Tanzania be a good option - what are road networks like in that area? Is independent travel an option? I have looked at some of the travel companies but they seem quite expensive? Or would the option of flying to Tanzania be better (from Entebbe, perhaps?)

I am so confused over what to choose (As you probably guess I am not a frequent traveller and am getting over excited at the thought of free time for travel!),

I would love ideally to spend 4-5 days at the end on the beach somewhere - probably Zanzibar and then fly home from Dar Es Salaam on about the 15th August?

I am open to all suggestions!

Thanks a million for any help / advice you can offer!
Cli :)

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your trip sounds to be interesting especailly when it comes to travelling to uganda and volunteering as well.i travelled there last year and the it was very interesting.there is alot to see over there ,gorilla's ,wildlife, birds, white water rafting,mountain hiking etc it all depends on how much time you have as well as money to spend my dear
to my own judgement i came to know that cheaper options are available where you don't have to spend alot especailly with the company i used i hard no regrets it was all good and they are so nice sorry this sounds like marketing them but to be honest it was all great with me

they even advise you on how to go through your trip without spend alot contact them for more advise


all the best

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Thank you for that.. going to look them up now!

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Independent and overland travel is possible. Roads in Tanzania can be a little rough, and to travel overland is slow. Depending on where you are going in Tanzania, flying or overland are both options. The farther you are going, the better option flying is.

I didn't travel from Uganda, but apparently there are buses from Masaka to Bukoba. From there, there are bus options, and potentially a ferry.

Zanzibar definately has some great beaches.