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1. Posted by gaviscon (Budding Member 68 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi guys, some of you might know that we are planning a trip to Latvia and Lithuania this coming summer, somehow, I read many forums people complained about racism against non-white people, I know it is sensitive to talk about it but is really worrying me. Is it really that bad??

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i've never been to latvia or lithuania before...but i grew up in the very far vicinity... even if they are as racist as you've heard, it should balance itself out, shouldn't it? people are people - you always have your jerks, but just as much you have the kind ones. good luck :)

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This is a pretty contentious subject, but ignoring it is tolerating it too.

The countires you are referring too are both former east block countries. They do have socio economic issues, and neo nazis do have a foothold in these countries. However, they do have a popular victim in the Romans, so that might take some of the pressure of you.

Now, there is a case going in Bulgaria, where a foreigner is being put in front of the courts, due to such an attack. Im not going to say that this applies to all these countries, but I think it polarizes the dangers you do face.

Id be pretty careful putting myself in a position where I would be a potential target in these countries, ie. after dark and that sort of thing.

As Latarina said, things balance out, but the highs and lows can be much more extreme some places...