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Hey guys,

Im going away travelling but have friends in Europe id like to see before i go.

I live in london and plan to go to Devon (South West England) then get a ferry or train to France - stay there for a short time - 4-5 days whilst making my way to Luxemburg.

Anyone have any guidelines as to how expensive this might be? I live in London and am well aware how easily money can vanish.

Id also like to get a flight to Thailand from Luxemburg but think this may be quite expensive & may just be easier to head back to France or UK to do so.

Thanks for any advice.

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Check out hostelworld if you are on a budget and looking for places to stay.

I definately think flying from Luxembourg to Thailand will be costly. Chances are you will have to via another city anyway. I don't think there are direct flights. I would look at flying out of Paris, Amsterdam or even Frankfurt...maybe even Belgium. Check out Expedia for flight prices fromt hose cities.

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It's easy to get from Luxembourg to Paris or Brussels or Amsterdam, so these would be the places to get flights if you don't want to head back to London (Amsterdam best, probably).

Heading southwest from London to get to Paris seems strange and unnecessarily expensive - unless you're seeing friends in the west country, of course.

And Luxembourg, being the richest country in the world, is not too cheap either, unless you're staying with friends there too (although there is at least one youth hostel in town).