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Hi All,

I was wondering what the best way to get from Heathrow terminal 1 to high holborn's residence in bloomsbury is. I probally will be carrying some big bags (two 30 inches) and would like to keep that in mind.

Ive done some initial reserach and I think that the best way would to eaitehr take to tube to the high holborns stop or to take the Heathrow express to paddington and then taking a taxi. Or just take a taxi and screw my expenses (haha.. no but im poor). Also, and probally equally importantly, does anyone know of any maps of within heathrow that I could look into (maps that will get me to the tube station or terminal 4 for the express) and maps of paddington station or high holborns area? Will the taxi men screw me cuz im not a local?

Help me! Please! The more detailed, the better!


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Hi Paul,
I would advise you to get the from heathrow terminal 4 to paddington station and then get a black cab to Holborn. I would think this would cost about £10-15.
The tubes are a nightmare if you have lots of luggage as lots of stairs and people!!

The paddington express only takes 23minutes to Paddington which is also much quicker.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you need any more info


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Holborn is on the Piccadilly line, as is Heathrow airport.

As you wull be getting on at Heathrow, you should have no trouble getting a seat and stashing your luggage before the train gets packed out.

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Thanks all.

I think Im gonna probally go for the express and then a cab. I dunno about taking the tube though cuz Ive been to NY and the subways there dident seem to have space for luggage and I dont really think I would feel quite as comfortable just having my big pieces of luggage with all thouse peolple aroound.

James--did you mean that the tube actually has luggage compartments?

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There's no real travel compartments as such, but the trains from Heathrow do have a small area where you can put your bags that the non-Heathrow trains don't have, but it's not like a proper compartment.

It's easy to find the tube stations from any terminal at Heathrow, as it's all really well sign-posted. Plus, the tube stations are "in" the airport, by that I mean you don't have to go outside / cross the street, etc.

Have a look at:

Personally, and as someone who has used Heathrow a lot (and used to work at Holborn), I wouldn't bother with the Heathrow Express. Plus, I think it's ten pounds and you're only at Paddington. Just get on at Heathrow, sit back and relax, then get off at Holborn.

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Here here James. You're talking about £3 for the tube, compared to something like £20 by the time you get the heathrow express, then a cab. And, for me, the most stressful part about travelling with lots of luggage is the transition points. If you take the tube, you'll transfer onto the tube, then off at Holborn. If you take the heathrow express you'll have an extra change in there.

Loads of people travel on the tube from Heathrow with all their luggage, you'll be fine. One little tip, move down the platform away from the escalators at heathrow, then there'll be less people trying to board the tube where you are, and you'll have more chance of getting a seat right next to your luggage.

Good luck!

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Hi Paul ... I work about five minutes from High Holborn and know the Bloomsbury area very well. I have to go with the 'Piccadilly Line' suggestion. I've used it on numerous occasions with my backpack and had no problems. Its cheaper and if you go to the back end of the tube you shouldn't have a problem. Let me know if you want to know more about the area. Phil222