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1. Posted by KJHawkins (Budding Member 8 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Myself and my partner are looking to travel overland to Angkor Wat, however it seems to be quite a difficult journey especially getting across the border through the many touts, scams etc. What is the best way to approach Angkor Wat, is there a reputable tour company which can take us there from Bangkok, reading other comments there seems to be many people who have used tours but been ripped off etc. Is it better to travel up through Phnom Penh from Thailand and thus take in more of Cambodia?
If we do go it alone how much hassle is it getting across and through the border to Siem Reap?

Any advice is much appreciated.

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Id recommend flying into Phnom Penh. From there its a very humane 4 hour bus ride to Siem Reap over smooth, paved roads. You can also visit some nice places on the Cambodian coast from PP like Kampot, the Bokor Hill Station or Kep from Phnom Penh. Or head northwards for a spot of dolphin watching at Kratie.

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I don't know your age, but it is a difficult day going overland BKK-SR. For the over 40 crowd, this is not much fun.
If you do go overland, be sure to follow Gordon's advice and have your plan ready.

I agree with 'itenerant'. Air Asia has daily flights into PP. Not expensive either, about $60 with advance purchase. Fly BKK-PNH, visa on arrival:$20. Phnom Penh has 2-3 days worth of sightseeing, then you can hit the beach at Sihanoukville, add Kampot if you want a less visited part of Cam. Bus/taxi back to PP and then bus or boat to Siem Reap. After Angkor, overland back to BKK. It is easier going SR-BKK than the reverse.

Send me a PM if you have any questions.

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This summer, I crossed the border to Cambodia from Thailand over land. We were two girls travellering together, and it as no problem.
We took the bus to bus station in Aranyaprathet. Here we took a tuk tuk to the border... The tuk tuk driver tried to get us to pay him to make a Visa...We said no, and then he tried to scam us at the border, where he had a friend waiting to make us a visa, but once again we just kept saying no, and walked to the border crossing.

Getting the Visa when you have crossed the border and are on Cambodian ground is easy! They are very helpful and it didn't take long!! You just say NO and keep on saying no to the tuk tuk driver or any of his friends on the Thai site.

The trip from The Cambodian border to Siem reap was pretty wild. We took a cab, probably a black cab, and he drove like someone was chasing us! The roads are very bad, all dirt roads, very bumpy!! But after 3 hours we reached Siem Reap. The price for the cab was 60 dollars... pretty expensive.

The bus ride from Bangkok is pretty long, but if you take a public Thai bus, it is very cheap, but no one on the bus speaks english. (this can be pretty interesting). It is definately an experince you will look back on many times.

If you are more in to the easy way of getting to Siem Reap, I would suggest you to fly directly from Bangkok to Siem Reap. Bangkok air has really nice fligths and it only takes 45 minutes! But it is more expensive! But definately also time saving!

I hope you can use some of this! I will say that I am glad to have tried the trip over land, but now it is done, and if I was to go to Cambodia again, I would fly!

I hope you have a nice trip!

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Thank you all for such a quick response to my message. They were all informative and certainly help give me a clear idea in my mind of the best way to travel there. It seems from your feedback that flying is the best option, would you say that bangkok airways etc are safe and reputable. I'm sure they're fine but it's good to know if you've travelled with them how you found the the experience. At the price they charge they should be good!

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Bangkok Air can charge a high price as it has no competition on the BKK-REP route. I still suggest you fly Air Asia into Phnom Penh. Then bus/boat up to Siem Reap and overland back to BKK. Use the money you save on better hotels/food or elsewhere. Good luck with your adventure.

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Thanks vegasmike6, I will bear this in mlnd, it's good to have two good options then rather than the overland route from

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Hi KJHawkins

Just a reply on your question about bangkok air. The plane, we flew with from Siem Reap, was really great. It looked pretty new and the service was great. Eventhough the trip only takes 45 minuttes, you get a meal onboard. I really think this airline is very safe, and the plane looked great, better than many of the ones I have flown with in Europe.

Hope you have a niec trip. Wish it was me!

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Excellent, it's always good to have feedback on this. Many Thanks Helley.

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