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Hey ... any good recom's on budget airlines frm NZ to Oz???

Virgin Blue are v pricey!

Linzi x

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hi u,

try this one: they have sometimes good ffers!


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Virgin Blue and Jetstar are normally the cheapest "budget" airlines operating from New Zealand to Australia, but the fact you have chosen Wellington as you point of exit would automatically increase the price compared to departing from Auckland or Christchurch and the fact Adelaide is your choice of destinations rather than Sydney also whacks the price up huge amounts. If you are looking for dates in school holidays, or close to now that is probably why it is very expensive because if you are looking for a fair while away one of those two airlines would normally be close to the cheapest if not the cheapest.

You can sometimes get really cheap fares from Auckland-Sydney on Lan Chile if you book in advance rather than leaving it a few weeks or less before you want to travel. For that fare you would most likely need to go to a travel agency and ask them to book it for you. That route is more of a connection that picks up a few people enroute on the main flight that is from Santiago-Sydney via Auckland. That would work if all you really want is to get from New Zealand to Australia cheap

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