so where are the party hostels?

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I've been reading all over the internet that YHA hostels are the place to go to get away from the partying. well where should I stay in OZ/NZ FOR partying! I do like mixing it up every once in a while. Should I just find some private owned hostels. ask around when I get to different cities. anyone here have any ridiculous times at any specific hostels. let's hear some stories.

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I haven't stayed at many hostels within Australia, but if you are in Sydney staying at a hostel around Kings Cross region is a sure way to find plenty of fun after dark (preferably somewhere up on the main stretch where most the businesses are, because down the bottom below the main business district it is a very dodgy and dangerous area after dark with very little light and lots of desperate, homeless people not to mention a lot of druggies). I know that I have seen one hostel down in that dodgy area I am talking about but I can't recall the name just the horrible yellow paint work it had.

I have found as a general rule around the world, the hostels that have dorms with a maximum of 6 to a room and usually same sex rooms with their own ensuite are less likely to be a party hostel. Normally the ones that have mixed dorms with 8,10,12 or more beds to a room and do not have an in room ensuite they are most likely to be a party hostel or at least have a lot of people who are party goers staying there. Normally the cheaper the hostel in the city, the younger the crowd it attracts so hence more likely to want to party, but this sometimes can also mean the hostel is a filthy place but normally not too bad.

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in qld i can recommend the palace backpackers in brisbane, but when you ring/email to make a booking, ask to get put in the old building, they have 2, one old and one new. the old one has the down under bar next to it and its where most ppl go to party, they have cheap drinks and all kindsa random drinking games n shit like that. its a good night there if you wanna party!!

in noosa stay at koala backpackers its a GREAT hostel, and an awesome town, beautiful!! they had really funny pool comps and the staff are SO nice, its really cool... i had a great time there and we ended up staying twice on our trip, once up the coast and then once again backdown, and the staff remembered us and what we were doing (tho we were working at a flower farm in bundaberg - thats not really common to hear haha!).

dont expect a party in hervey bay, its full of old ppl and ppl only go there as the b ase to go to fraser island... we stayed at beaches hostel and it was NOT a party hostel at all! but fraser was full of parties so we were tired anyway haha!