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1. Posted by Eeyore1511 (Budding Member 4 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!


My boyfriend and I are going to Thailand for Chrsitmas and New Year 08-09.

We land in Beijing, China and have 8 hours of waiting for a flight to Bangkok - Does anybody know whether we can leave the airport to look around or are we bound to the aiport?

We then arrive in Bangkok, at which we want to spend a day or two there and then move on to Cambodia to se Angor Wat.......what is the best/most reasonable priced way to travel there?

On the way back from Cambodia we want to stop off in Koh Chang - again what would be best the way to get from Cambodia to Koh Chang.

And same question about travel but from Koh Chang to Bangkok.

We also want to spend Christmas Eve & christmas day by Angor Wat...any suggestions on the best place to go?

And we want to spend New Year in Bangkok....again any suggestions on where to go or what to do?

Sorry there are so many questions never travelled this far before and a little nervous but extremly excited!


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Hi Trudy,
Can I ask why you're going to Thailand via China? Bangkok is a lot nearer the UK. Or are your arriving from the east (USA or Australia?)
I ask partly because when I took my family from Heathrow to Beijing, we had a very long wait in Bangkok!


3. Posted by Eeyore1511 (Budding Member 4 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi Steve,

It's just the flight we are on, It goes via Beijing then to Bangkok and the same on the way home. However on the way back to Heathrow there's only a 3 hour wait.

We'll be coming from the UK.


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Hi Eeyore1511 well.. you have alot of questions and maybe I can only help you with one...
When you arrive in Beijing you can leave the airport, just go to the exit rather than the transfere part of the airport, but remember if you are going to tread on Chinese turf you must get your Chinese visa before you enter the country i.e. in the UK if that is where you are flying from direct.

All your 'checked' bags will still be safe and on your connecting flight.

As, by the time you clear customs you will only have a few hours, taking into account taxi to the city, taxi back to the airport and the fact that you will have to check back in 2 hours before your connecting flight to BKK.

I could only suggest you have a look around Beijing center? (maybe someone else could suggest an alternative for you) but maybe have a coffee and do some shopping (a few nick-nacks)?

Sorry I can't be any more helpful.

Personally... I would sit at the airport and have a coffee, by the time you have paid for your Chinese visas' in th UK and paid for a taxi to and from the center and then the time you will spend looking at your watch checking the time so you don't miss your connecting flight to BKK for me personally it's not worth it, all the bargins you could buy in Beijing you can buy in Bangkok at half the price. But to answer your question... If you want to tread foot in Beijing then...Yes you can.

Good look and travell safe x

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From Bangkok to Angkor is not tough to reach there. you can directly to Angkor by plane but you want to go Koh Chang on back trip right ? so you back by mini bus is prefered but very long time till you come so please contact me before you come is better for you. I can tell you all your trip in Thailand and Cambodia.

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