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I'm from Ireland and I am looking to head off travelling for a while in Nov/Dec. I'm looking to head to South America first for a couple of months, but everywhere I look for RTW tickets, they seem to fly East towards Thailand/Malaysia/Australia or West through the United States.

My theoretical trip, with plenty of room to playwith, is Dublin - Venezuela - Overland Around Sth America - Brazil - New Zealand - Australia.

I was wondering has anybody any information regarding cheap Flights from Ireland (or London) to somewhere in North of South America, Caracas/Bogota/Quito.

Also, if anybody has done a trip similar to this, any info would be appreciated.

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When I've booked my RTW tickets through STA (in Australia), I could fly any direction I wanted. . The tickets were with the Star Alliance (Singapore Airlines, etc) . Who are you flying with? Have you actually spoken to a travel agent?

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For South America your only real option is a One World ticket. They have a mileage based or continent based fare but normally when you include South America it is cheaper for the Continent based fare. Your itinerary is not going to happen if you keep it in the current order as the only places to get from Europe to South America are London, Madrid and Barcelona (London and Barcelona are very limited with flights). You would probably need to get something like a Dublin-Madrid (transfer)-Caracus overland -Santiago-Auckland-Sydney-??????

You are not going to get a fairly direct flight from Brazil to New Zealand, so the best option is to get a LAN Chile flight from Santiago-Auckland. If you wanted to be a bit creative and see something not many people get to see, you could go overland from Caracus-Rio De Janiero then on the date that is able to be done get the connection through Santiago to Easter Island. After a few days there head back to Santiago and get the flight over to Auckland. If you could fit the places on the mileage based fare instead of backtracking a long way, you could get the flight from Easter Island to Papeete and from there to uckland and on to Sydney. After that you have any number of options.

Flights that involve getting to and from South America are not at all cheap and internal ones are also very expensive, so if you were able to fit it on to a mileage based or continent based One World fare then you'll probably save plenty of money.

The flight from Easter Island - Papeete is only available on the mileage based fare so if you got the continent based one you'd need to backtrack or skip visiting Easter Island.

Madrid is the gateway city from Europe to South America where 90% of all flight from Europe either depart from or go via to get to South America. A couple of flights go from London to South America, but not in the northern area and a couple go from Barcelona but again not as much in the northern area. To get that flight from Madrid - Caracus it would mean flying there the day before the flight, sleeping the night in Madrid and flying out the next day (you'd be in Madrid less than 24 hours so it would be considered a transfer and not a stop over).

As for no rtw fares allowing you to go east-west instead of west-east, I have no idea who you have been asking or what ticket you have looked at, but both the oneworld and star alliance fares that I have personally used went in the direction you want but the fact you have South America the One World fare is pretty much your only real option for a rtw ticket.

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As aharrold said your best bet would be a one world ticket. You can definately go in that direction (maybe it's just you've heard most people go to asia first, then oz/nz then onto South America?) This is the route i'm doing but I could have gone through South America first if I wanted I'm sure. You will have to fly out of Santiago to Auckland, don't think you have any other option (apart from the Easter Island route as already mentioned)

I'm from Ireland too and got my ticket in Trailfinders (there's one on Dawson's St in Dublin city centre) and it cost €2000 including taxes. I think USIT do One world tickets too but I've always heard bad stuff about them and that they aren't very knowledgeable. Given your route I wouldn't advise getting one way flights because the South America to New Zealand leg is ridiculously expensive (over a grand one way!) and it would work out cheaper for you to get a RTW. Let me know if you have any more questions! Heading off in a week and a half so love nothing more than talking about travel plans!!

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Have you tried looks to be the cheapest and you can go anywhere and anyway u want.


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Cheers everyone,

I actually only decided recently to do this and hadn't really looked into it much. But your comments have been very helpful (and infomative). Hope to get it booked soon enough .

What is travelling around South America like, ie: internal infrastructure. I don't think I'll be flying much, it'll mainly be overland, trains, buses, collectivos....

Anything anyone would recommend (that isn't already covered by the travel books and companies).

Go raibh maith agat, gach daoine!

8. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Quoting BianoBoy

Anything anyone would recommend (that isn't already covered by the travel books and companies).

Don't know if it is mentioned in the travel guides, but you should definitely do a bus trip from Santiago-Buenos Aires to go through the Andes on a very picturesque bus trip.

If you can arrange your flights properly on your RTW ticket, you should try and get a flight to Easter Isand if you are in to history and are keen on seeing sites that most people will never get an opportunity to see.