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Dear friends,

I am trying to find some information about getting from Prague to Bucharest and to Krakow by train. Does anybody know how long these two routes take and, even more importantly, how much does it costs? :)

Thank you in advance,


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Praha - Krakow:
Journey takes a minimum of 7hrs 15. There are 2 direct trains a day (one, in the afternoon), plus a night train leaving about 21.30. At all other times, you will have to change at least once, though several options (eg the 10am-ish departure, with a change in Katowice) are good connections and hassle free

Cost of a basic through ticket is 29euros. If you want couchette/sleeping accommodation you will pay more. Note that if you don't use the through trains or Intercity trains, (eg: you only use local ones and change at the border) you can travel much cheaper.

Praha - Bucuresti
Journey takes a minimum of 21.5hours, and most are 22.5-24hrs.
There is one through train a day, leaving about 22:00 and taking just over 24hrs. At all other times you have to change between 1-3times. There are a few different route options depending on time, though the optimum journey leaves at 15:30 with a change (about 50mins wait) in Budapest, for a total journey of 21.5 hours.

Cost of a basic through ticket varies by route, but using the standard Breclav-Bratislava-Györ-Budapest-Arad-Brasov route, it is 116euros. Again, you'll pay extra for couchette accom, and you can go cheaper by changing at the borders etc.

If you travel via Sturovo (instead of Györ), it is marginally cheaper, but you then need to cross Budapest yourself (easy enough, and walkable if you have time and know where you are going), and going via Wien instead of Bratislava adds slightly, though depending on exact timings,may work out a better option (and again, you will have to cross Wien yourself, though).
Within Romania, ticket cost is slightly more expensive if you go via Timisoara instead of Brasov.

It's a simple enough journey (i have done it a number of times), but you have to work out which permutations work best for you depending upon timings - You may not, for example, want to arrive very late at night - i often arrive at 23.50ish - or at 5am, especially if you don't know Bucuresti. And unless you have already been there several times or are in a big rush, stopping in Budapest at the very least for a hours/nights, makes sense.

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Hi Gelli,

Thank you for such an elaborate answer! I cannot begin to describe how helpful this information is, the timing, the prices, the advices and everything.

I was wondering, maybe you know something also about the Bucharest - Lublin route? (Actually, from Sibiu to Lublin, but I already know that there are trains from Sibiu to Bucharest).

Thank you so much, again,


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No problem - glad some of it was useful

And as to your second request, you are in luck in that i am one of the probably very few people to have actually done Sibiu - Lublin straight through by train myself. It's not the easiest or quickest of journeys (quickest is about 29hours and involves 3changes, normally one of which is quite a long wait - and when i did it, because of the time i had to leave, i had to change 9 times...).

It is actually much quicker NOT to travel via Bucuresti which is 5hours+ in completely in the wrong direction

If you are travelling straight through, by far the best journey is leaving Sibiu at about 19:00, and changing in Medias (about an hour, and not the most exciting places, but safe enough) and then Budapest Keleti (arriving about 5.15am and with a wait of a bit over 3 hours), and then changing the third time in Warszawa. You arrive in Lublin at midnight.

There are some shorter journeys (timewise), but virtually every other 'official' connection means that you either have to change trains at funny hours of the morning (often 3.30am, with a very short - and frequently missable connection, which can screw you up - at Bohumin near the Czech-Polish border, and followed by another change at 5.30ish) and/or travel via the Ukraine, which has it's own issues. If the best/other journeys don't appeal to you, i would suggest making up your own - longer - journey with a gap in somewhere on route (such as Budapest)

if you do want to go via Bucuresti, it seems that the shortest journey is 38hours, and most are 44ish (eg at least 8hours longer than avoiding Bucuresti). Then, you leave at 10.20am and go Sibiu-Podu (just up the road)-Bucuresti-Brasov-Bucuresti-(train passes through Brasov again)-Budapest-Warzawa-Lublin.

Actually, the theoretically easiest journey (where easiest is least changes) is leaving Sibiu at 23:32, overnight to Bucuresti where you wait an hour, then travel all day to Ternapol and then go direct to Lublin. However, that goes via the Ukraine and you also have to wait between 1.30am and 4.30am in Ternapol, and the journey takes a total of over 44.5hours...

As for prices (this ignores sleeping supplements), the journey is too variable and random for a through fare from Sibiu to Lublin to be listed. However, a Sibiu - Budapest ticket costs 54euros (routed via Arad and the border at Curtici). A Budapest - Lublin ticket costs 61.50euros (via Kosice*), though that doesn't allow you to go via Warszawa, and means you have to trek cross country in Eastern Poland, which is slower. Via Warszawa it's about 20euros more.

Thus, Sibiu-Budapest-Warszawa-Lublin will cost you 134euros-ish.
As with my previous answer, if you only travel with local trains and change at the borders, the price is significantly cheaper, though it is also much, much longer and the extra food required/hassle etc is unlikely to be worth it, particularly for the whole journey.

  • There is only one 'official' connection on this route via Kosice. It takes 33hours, and goes via Medias and Budapest as noted above. However then instead of Warszawa you go to Tarnow (wait 90mins) and Lancut (wait 4hours until 23.45), before arriving at 3.30am... Thus it's not really an ideal connection


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Gelli, thank you very, very much,

you helped me a great deal, I could spend weeks looking for this info!:)

Have a great day