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Hey Guys

As part of our round the world trip, two months will be spent in the US travelling from New York to L.A.
We plan to hire an RV. Does anyone have any advice or can advise a good company. We have decided to source one when we land in New York aswell, as I feel we will get ripped off booking one over the internet, and also our arrival dates may change by a day or two.

We land in New York on the 13 June ;)

Thanks in advance


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2. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3580 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I will do a bit of research for you tomorrow. I don't think you are going to like the results. I checked last summer for a UK couple and was stunned by the price. If there are 2 of you, I vote you hire a van that is large enough to sleep in. That will considerabley less than a RV.

Another option for 2 people is to buy a van in NY and sell it in Calif. Once you go over 6 weeks, buying makes more sense than renting. If that sounds like an option you want to explore, send me a PM.

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Yeah their are two of us, and the plan is to get one with beds and a shower aswell, thus eliminating hostel/motel costs.
I have emailed a couple of companies, and have a figure in my head of how much it will be. But their seem to be so many "add ons" for instance mileage packages, and prices going up when its nascar weekend
Any help you can offer would be very appreciated :)

I would consider buying a camper/van, but I have no mechanical knowledge, and also when renting, chances are it will be quite new.

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4. Posted by jekalo (Full Member 118 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I haven't rented an RV in several years but even then it was more expensive than renting a car and staying in hotels so with the huge increase in fuel prices since then, I can't see how you would come out ahead moneywise. A lot of the RV parks now charge as much or more for a nights stay than a cheap motel and those things get horrible gas milage. If you are into it, buying good camping gear and a rental car could be a good option. There are plenty of state and national parks with very nice facilities all across the country and you can buy a park pass to hold those cost down as well. This does take more planning but the rewards can be significant.

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Would an RV be cheaper with 4 people?

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Also how many days would you expect to day? Im planning on doing it in 20?