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1. Posted by ElDuderino (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hola Chicos!

Seeing as there is a huge cup final at the weekend, I was wondering if anyone on here knew a good place to watch the match in Buenos Aires, maybe a bar somewhere in Palermo?

Also, are there any spurs fans reading this that are staying in BA that want to hook up with some like minded people to watch it?

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Are you from Argentina?

Last year, a friend of mine spent a year studying/working in Buenos Aires and he's almost as football crazy as I am, almost lol. This guy happens to be a Manchester Utd fan (cough..) He was able to watch every one of their matches either on ESPN live or Fox Sports Live, though it was usually at his apartment with a group of friends rather than a bar. He explained that as long as broadcasts don't interfere with Argentine matches, they'd stream live EPL matches. He also watched last season's league and FA Cup finals in BA (I lost the CC bet! ). I'm sure you'll find the League Cup final in many bars throughout the city. Unless River Plate/Boca Juniors is on at the same time haha.

I've seen somewhere that there is a Kilkenny's Irish bar in BA! It sounds like it'd be packed full of 'gringos' but I will bet you that they'll be playing the Spurs/Blues match on a few screens

Oh, I have deep hatred for both Chelsea & Tottenham. I don't care who wins, it's a lose-lose situation for me.....Arsenal are the real kings of London hehe. That semi match was a fluke lol

Newcastle are my #1 team though but I fancy Arsenal too

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I was wondering if anyone knew when the football season runs too in argentina? i'm going to be about the area from mid july and would love to see one of the BA teams play cos i'd imagine the atmosphere is amazing. is it the same as the european leagues because if its i'd be out of luck?!?!

andy :D

4. Posted by ElDuderino (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the tip NantesFC, didn´t make it to Kilkenny´s but ended up watching it in a bar on ESPN.

And Andy, i think the season here finishes in June/July, but i´m pretty sure the new one starts in August, check the ESPN or Fox websites for fixtures when they are released.

Go for the Boca/River game if you can, at Boca ;)