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I am planning a short trip to Greece in the fall. I will probably have a total of 6 nights/ 7 days. I have taken a quick look at Santorini, Mykonos, Ios, and Athens. I am looking for mainly a fun and beautiful place to go with my girlfriend and party a little bit, and eat good food. I'm thinking that we will only stop in 2-3 cities max.

Also how is the weather in the Greek isles in October/November?

Are there a lot of travellers there around that time?

Any suggestions?


Thanks Everyone!

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October-November are a little risky in the Greek islands, I mean, you probably won't have the volume and quality of parties going on. Most of the tourists are leaving Greece in mid-october. But: the weather is usually very mild 25-30C, the sea still warm, and two of the mentioned places, Santorini and Myconos never empty! You could combine them, there is direct sea-line serving the two islands. The better solution would be to go first Santorini by air (just 50minites instead of 6hours by ship),, and in case you will not fell in love by the first site with this beautiful island, take the ferry to Myconos on your return. But I vote for Santorini, especially if - and because - you travel with your girlfriend:)

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yeh the weather shouldnt be to bad at all i would say early to mid 20's i know most touristy places "shut down" so to speak towards the end of october but places like santorini you will be fine as stated above they are never empty and i know alot of greeks holiday there to soo thats always a good place to start.

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And as for the food i have worked in greece for the past 2 years and i love there food. it took some getting used to but when im back home in the uk i do miss there food. there souvlaki is lovely make sure you try that and there feta cheese salads are awesome.
hope it helps

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Screw Athens, DIRTY!!!! I would hit up Santorini for the shear beauty, and Ios, for the constant party.... Happy Travels

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Athens, Mykonos and Santorini. Sure, some people may say Athens is dirty or whatever but it isn't that bad. Plus with all of the ancient history there I don't see why anyone would completely skip it. Spend at least a day there. Go out and try the cuisine, take the metro or climb to the Acropolis. Then you can enjoy your time on the islands. Besides the places you mentioned, Corfu and Crete are also great islands. You won't go wrong no matter where you go. There are tourists througout Greece year-round so there's always a party going on somewhere. A few of my friends with to Kos during winter break and got hammered!