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If that makes sense...

I am a wee bit confused as to what happens when I arrive in Oz. I have my WHV, its electronic but I was sent a list of Immigration Offices to print off with the long winded visa print out.

What do I have to do on arrival at Sydney?

I have been told by some people I have to do nothing, but others have said I have to get myself to an Immigration office to get the visa converted into hard copy/stamp on my passport.

Which is correct, does anyone know please?

And if I do have to head to an Immigration Office how long do you have to wait for at the main office in Sydney? I was thinking, if the wait is too epic, whether to take a nice boat trip up the river on arrival up to Parramatta and do it at the office there where the queues will likely be a lot shorter.

Thanks for looking

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It used to be that you had to go get a visa label sticker added to your passport.
Apparently this is no longer an absolute requirement.
However, it might still be useful, for example in order to prove to businesses that you're really allowed to work.

So you don't have to do anything, but if you want the visa label just in case, then right after passport control at Sydney airport, there'll be a booth where you can get the visa label printed. Or you can go to one of the immigration offices on that list. (I have no idea about waiting times, sorry; I got mine right there at the airport.)

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thanks for the info sander, i was also gonna ask this question, though when i was granted my elctronic visa i didn't get sent a list off immigration offices!!

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came in the other day, as i went through customs i was directed to a desk where they stuck the visa into my passport - very easy and only took about 5 mins. didnt even have to show the confirmation letter

hope that helps


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So you arrived safely. Excellent. You may need the suncream, its lush in Sydney now apparently. Yay! See you in a week or so hopefully.