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Gday all. I'm heading off on a four month trip from late May, touching Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and probably Ecuador and Colombia.

I'm already set on the Inca Trail (of course), but reading about it has really got me thinking about doing more trekking. I've not done much like that before, but it sounds amazing! I'll do all the usual guidebook reading, but just out of interest, can anyone recommend any really fantastic trekking experiences I might want to consider / read up on?

Parameters: doesn't matter which country (though southern Arg. is probably out due to season/time); guessing around the 3/4 day mark would be a good duration; trekking, not climbing, would be the thing, though getting up into the mountains a la machu picchu is what's tickling my trekbuds; I'm on a bit of a budget, so anything expensive is sadly out the question. I'm young enough and fit enough for anything standard I hope!

Any suggestions would be very welcome - thanks guys!


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Hi Beggsy,

LP issues a guide on trekking in South America; it's quite good, I recommend that you buy that for starters. I'd say that, given the season you're going, Ecuador would be ideal. There's also a couple of very nice treks around Huaráz, Peru.

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Ah, another guidebook to buy! Don't think I can really afford it I'm afraid - I'm being told to buy so many of the things! Thanks for the advice though, and I'll check out some websites re. Huaráz. You're spot on about Ecuador too as would be the perfect place for trekking based on my timeline. Thanks again for your help.

Any more recommendations much appreciated!

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I can recomend you the Choquequirau trekk in Peru. Start from a wonderful village called Cachora (near Cusco) and then you've got two options : 1. short trail 4 days (to the Choquequirau ruins) or 2. long trail (the one I've done and recomend) 6-7 days to Machu Picchu. The trekk is amazing and not commecialized yet. You can do it independently. In Cachora you can arrange yourself a guide and mules to carry your bags, no problem with that at all. The trail is quite difficult to be honest but it's really worth all the pain of the world!!! Great experience and adventure :)