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ever start a completely different life?

Travel Forums General Talk ever start a completely different life?

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11. Posted by fierres (Inactive 30 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

it must be challenging for all of you

12. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Quoting datsea

I know that I was a different person when I was travelling but what if I had made a conscious dissision to try on a new personality for one of my trips.

I'm definitely more myself when I'm travelling. It's like all the stuff of everyday life is gone and I'm left with just me--no hassles, no worries, no over thinking. On my last trip to Belfast I made a conscious decision to go with the flow, no matter what. It was one of the best, most relaxing and rewarding trips ever. I don't know about adopting another personality, though--in the end you're simply yourself. Or at least that's what the goal should be. Isn't it...?

13. Posted by soupatrvlr (Respected Member 385 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Has traveling changed you? Or should I say Have you changed because of traveling?

The long and short answer of this for me is like everyone else: yes! but it wasn't really that simple. i had been traveling/backpacking for 8 years before i made a rtw journey or done any significant travel alone. i usually met a friend at my destination or was visiting one abroad. during the period of my travels, i didn't feel that my core values or my focus in life had changed. yes, i still looked forward to the next trip and was always planning another one, but i didn't feel any differently. it wasn't until i took off on a rtw journey alone for several months that I noticed i shift within me. the longer i was gone, the more confident i became. i was more self-reliant, more patient (the third world will do that to you!). i noticed how other cultures, so different from western society, were living and what they valued. i met fascinating people from all over the world and visited their homes. i learned to relax and to be happy with myself, not worry about what other people you mentioned. i learned to be happy just being me. then i came back home.

many of us have experienced it, that shock that comes after being away for so long. will i fit in? how have i changed? what will i do? the initial transition was rough. i wanted a career change. i was ready to move abroad. i was terribly depressed. my family didn't understand this side of me and judged me according to "traditional" lifestyles. in the beginning this didn't touch me. although i didn't change careers, i started freelancing and my time was now my own. shortly thereafter, i moved to south africa to be with my new boyfriend, who i'd met on the journey, for 6 months. i adapted very easily to life abroad. when i returned home, i spent less money on needless things. i continued freelancing and made several more trips to africa.

now, 8 years later, my husband and i have just returned from two months in ZA. we are looking forward to getting his american citizenship, b/c then we will be able to choose where we want to live. we still get judged by my family on how we're "supposed" to be living, and let me tell you, i've dealt with a lot of guilt over the past 9 years about this. but i've also noticed a pattern since i first left. the further i am away from home, i can tap back into the happiness i found on that first journey. i leave behind all the confines of city life and expectations of my family, and worry less about myself and what other people think about the way i look and act: are my clothes too tight? do i really need to put on makeup? silly things really. but i it goes back to what you said in the beginning,

I start thinking I can completely change the way I am. the way I act. the things I do...and no one would think it's weird that I am doing what I am doing, because they don't know me.

you are right. i feel more at home now in south africa, because my friends there don't judge my lifestyle. there isn't such an emphasis on appearance, not as much of keeping up with the neighbors, or at least i don't notice it as much.

so you may change, and maybe you won't. what is most important, is that you follow your dreams, and not allow anyone else's voice to creep into your happiness. look forward to the journey ahead with excitement and a little trepidation. you are bound to leave your comfort zone behind you, and with only a backpack, most of your worldly possessions as well. you will grow as a person and as many others have already said, you will learn to start planning the next one as soon as you get home!

14. Posted by LittleMad (Full Member 42 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I am an italian, and I throw myself in england for three years to settle and live. And you know what happened to me?
That now I decided to throw myself in Spain and start again! :D

People all think that I am crazy (and maybe I am), but I am searching not only for a travel, but for my happyness, and I don't think that I found still the place where I can feel good, happy and shining like the sun.
It's not just the place, it's even the people and the culture that I am seek for.

And another important thing, when you travel, you are no longer the person that come from a particular country. For example, more you will travel, and more when you'll be back, you will see a "home" that it's not yours anymore. It will not fit you because your horizon and point of views are changed.

See me! I cannot longer stay in uk, and I need a new adventure, I don't know what I will do, what companies I will work for, what kind of friends or girls I will have, I only know that here where I am, it's not life but only surviving.

And I need to live now that I am 28, not when I will 38 with more responsabilities :)

I hope good luck for you, and if you'll ever pass for spain drop me a line :)

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