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i will be travelling europe for about a month & would like to know if anyone has any ideas regarding a portable hard drive with a card reader for storing photos on. i wont have time for internet cafes & uploading...i'm not carrying a laptop, so this seems to be the way to go...what do you say?

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Not totally savy with this stuff, but wouldn't you only require a additional, or just larger memory card for your camera?

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You can go to internet cafes or photo shops to burn 2 copies of your photos on DVDs. Keep one with you and send the other back home by post.

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The problem with burning to DVD (which is a good idea), is that in many internet cafe's, at least in developing countries virus protection is not at its best. And your memory card may get infected. Which largely will not matter so long as you are savy on removing viruses. The problem usually occurs when you try to burn your next DVD at another cafe and the little chap behind the counter says you have a virus, and he's just deleted everything (what out for that one)

I use an X-drive portable hard drive. I chose one not to view the photos to save battery as many places I go the power is a problem. It takes a laptop Hard drive so you can store upto 200GB +, again depending on your needs.

I take large format photos so filling a 4GB memory card is no problem for me. I usually copy all photos to the portable HD, which is kept safe. I then head off to a cyber and try to find one with good AV and let them burn at least 3 DVD's. I post 2 to two different locations and keep one myself in a seperate location on one of my bags.

Its about as good a system as I can find. Uploading large photo's (6mb+) does not work well, dues to time and cost.


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Do a google search on Wolverine multi media storage. They have anywhere from 60- 120 gb storage I believe. Costco has the 100 gb device for $369 and Amazon has the 120 gb for $399. This is on my wish list right now!

Edited to add: I just found this forum today, and this was my first post. As I am reading other threads, I see that the moderators are very strict about promoting. Please know that I am not in any way affiliated with the brand or stores I have mentioned, and if I have violated board rules, I apologize and will remove my response.

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I have setup myself up with my iPod and a Camera Connector. That way I can back my pictures up on the go, I allready have an ipod with the accessories, so not much outlay for the connector, and I can hook it up as I go around to upload backups.