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I'm taking a expensive bike out to NZ. Im taking the bike out for some races, but Id like to commute about on it too, how likely is it that even if I lock it to something, I'll come back and find the wheels or something gone? I'm guessing theres more chance of this in the citys?

I know thats a impossible question to say yes or no too, but is bike theft a big problem, occasional, never? Should I lock with a big lock and chain, or just something to simple to lock it to a post?

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I don't know about bike theft but from my experience Kiwis are very honest people ;). We travelled around N.Z. in a campervan for 9 months and only once someone had broken into the van in a parking building in Wellington (so, yes I'd be more precautious in the cities). Luckily they must have been interrupted and only stole my friends small backpack. Nonetheless, this was a major drama for us since there weren't any valuables in it, but my friends ticket, self-made jewellery and the worst case scenario, about 20 film rolls of photos she had taken during our trip and her travel diary. Things that were irreplacable and had the most sentimental value. My friend (and I in fact) were devastated and she hung up posters in the parking building telling the thieves to keep whatever they thought was of any value but please return the photos and diary. And hey, two days later we got a call from the police that the backpack (and everything! in it) had been handed in. This is definitely one of the anecdotes we love to tell about our time in N.Z..
I'd therefore advice you to be on the safe side and lock your bike to something in a busy spot and chances that it will get stolen should pretty slim.

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Hi .

Take as many precations against theft as possible . I would most likely buy one of those high tensile / steel / glass chains that are almost impossible to cut without a disc grinder and a similar rated lock and lock it to a post or something else thats secure too .

Like anything else , anything not secure its just temptation for thieves !! anywhere any place in the world !!

Have a good trip

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Remember also that Helmets are compulsory in NZ so either bring one with you or get one here :):)