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hey all, im hoping to go travelling a bit round aus and new zealnd for 4 -6 months. Hopefully i wont have to work whilst im out there. I have 6 months to save up, just wondering how much money you reckon i will need. Il be staying in hostels etc, im thinkin of takin 4-5000 then if need be work out there?

any feed back would be great


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If that's 4000-5000 pounds, then that should be plenty. You can live and travel very well for about $60 (NZD) per day (average; spreading out the big cost of a bus ticket (travel pass or flexi pass) over the entire time), so for 4-6 months that'd end up being $7000-$11000 (2900-4500 pounds). That's staying in small (four bed) dorm rooms in good quality hostels, buying supermarket food and cooking your own meals, and bussing to the next destination about once a week.
The big extra costs you have to watch out for are partying and activities (skydiving, bungy jumping, e.a.) as those add up swiftly.

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Also, don't forget that you can do a bit of cleaning for a couple hours a day at some of the hostels that you'll be staying at. Some hostels need cleaners every now and then to make the beds and what not and you can stay that night for free if you finish your "chores" if you will. That will cut down on some of your costs while your there. Just a suggestion.