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Why is it that well-to-do always want to demonise begging?
What assumptions do they make?
If you want to beg who decides how poor you have to be? The western tourist?
What do they know of the background of each beggar and why he’s ion the street ...how many people he’s supporting.
I think Christians also have a big problem with their concept of “work ethics” – a fair day’s pay” and all that....well it simply doesn’t work in the real world........
The poster above talks of increasing numbers...OF COURSE!!!! What is the point of begging where there’s no response? In the low season the higher numbers simply can’t be supported...what’s wrong with that....it doesn’t imply that they have money / food elsewhere...it’s just that if they went out of season they would probably starve ...so they o somewhere else.
They are by no means “desperate people” – well how desperate do you have to be??
Fancy being ”clean and smiling” – does that mean you can’t beg successfully in case you get out of shit for a while??
YES ...I remember the journalist and that it was totally misleading. too...you obviously seem to forget that. Do you seriously think that beggers in Britain all earn that kind of money even occasionally. Britain was virtually beggar-free even with huge unemployment until the Conservatives started to cut unemployment benefits. Do you think that when she got in a million people thought to themselves – “oh Thatcher’s in power now...I think I’ll be a beggar”???
Why do people beg? At the end of the day Europe and Asia are to different cases here...the nature of begging and the populations’ attitudes to it are different.
Begging is expected in Asia...there is no social security as such and therefore if you have nothing, most religions expect those who have to give......this doesn’t mean means-testing every beggar you meet.
In Western countries society is urbanised and there are social welfare programs.... a sure sign that these aren’t working is an increase in beggars. Do you seriously think it is the preferred trade of a single person who does it? Does it really meet the minimum requirements of life? You do what you can to get buy...and in Asia with no social security, that means anything you can do to make pegging more profitable makes sense.
I’ve watched beggars all over the world and some are incredibly professional in what they do ......... a commercial enterprise – well at the end of the day EVERYTHING is a commercial enterprise....if you are going to beg, you obviously need to do it in the most productive way you can...what’s wrong with that???
Would it make sense to go out and “beg badly”??? – “sorry dear I wore the pin-stripe suit today and combed my hair so we don’t eat tonight”...... but I’ll never be convinced that it is their career of choice...it’s circumstances outside their control put them there.

So just ask yourself with all you inside knowledge of the “begging industry” ....... and if it’s all such easy money a scam and a fraud .....and SOOO profitable.......why don’t YOU do it?....or are you on an even cushier number???????


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Once again lm having to ask that this topic is NOT taken off in directions that are unnecessary. The original question by Celeste123 asked for advice on dealing beggars should they approach or how to haggle.

This is not the arena for getting on a soap box and putting forward an arguement for begging.

Others had previously posted their own PERSONAL experience which was what the original question asked, and in an altogether much more friendly manner.

Please refrain from going off on ideological tirades against others who simply do not hold the same view point as yourself, and keep the matter on topic - where are you giving Celeste123 in your last post any advice or assistance to her original question? In other words ABIDE BY THE FORUM RULES PLEASE

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Anyhow, on topic....

I don't give money to beggars, in the UK or abroad. I try to spend my money with local enterprises, ensuring that the money stays in the local economy ensuring the continuation of jobs for people that live there. Also, I donate to Shelter in the UK - charities dealing with homelessness and poverty are in a much better position to judge need than we are. Bwiian's idea about food is good, I have occasionally done this in UK, particularly buying hot drinks if it's really cold.

I hate haggling, the middle-class reserved brit in me wants to head for the fixed price shop. But, if I have to, I usually decide what I want to pay and go in at about 1/4 to 1/2 of that, and not go above what I've decided. Also Lavafalls is dead right about the first sale of the day.

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