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Hi all,

Im going to be a study abroad student at the university of bristol and aside from what like my school tells me or whatever I was was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what to do in bristol/anything to be on the look out for. I know theres like a zoo, HMS Great Britian, the suspension bridge, and I think like a big shopping place called broadmead there. Also, does anyone know of anything that I should probally bring to the UK that isent very intuitive (like clothes) from the US? I tried to look for books on the city cuz I heard that its a pretty historic place but I couldent find any.



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Hi Paul. try

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You may be interested in this.



As the years go by more and more people are getting online. Up until now a number of internet groups and forums for Bristol have come and gone, or withered on the vine. Out of this electronic melting pot three groups - a newswire and two forums - are now emerging as the big alternative players.

In their own different ways Bristol Indymedia, Bristol Community Forum, and the Bristol Social Forum share some remarkable similarities and underlying goals. All are free at the point of use, all strive to root themselves in their communities as their main engine of growth, and all are emerging as the key online alternatives to the highly corporate, uniform, and often censored Bristol mainstream.

They are all publicised together below.

Please visit them, contribute to them, and give them your support.

1.) Bristol Community Forum
2.) Bristol Indymedia
3.) Bristol Social Forum

Please Visit:
“Whether you're looking for a place to chat, play games, meet people, or send texts, then Bristol Forum is for you!
You can chat about almost anything here, and you can also look at our members reviews on Bristols nightlife, restaurants, games, films and much more! You can even find some ideas on places to go if you’re bored! Better still, write your own review and tell us what you think!
Our forum is very friendly, and whatever you like, you are sure to find a topic which will suit you. You can even keep us up-to-date if you want by writing your own Blog.
And that is only part of this forum! We've got a games arcade featuring over 45 top games of every genre. Fancy sending your mate a text? Do it here! Want to sell your old pc? Do it here! Just want to chat? Do it here!
There are hundreds of reasons why you should join this forum. Its fun, friendly, and free! Boredom will be a thing of the past once you join!
So JOIN TODAY! Remember, its fun, friendly and FREE!”

Please Visit:
“Bristol Indymedia carries the banner of 'Read It, Write It, Your Site, Your News...’ which means exactly what it says on the tin. The 'Submit An Article' button takes you to our article submission form. All you need to do is fill in the form. As if by magic your article should then appear on our newswire within minutes of you submitting your article.
If you've never tried your hand at writing articles, it's not as difficult or as daunting as it seems. Some articles only need to be a few sentences. Or, for those of you who already have experience at writing articles elsewhere, or at other times in your life, it would be great to see your articles posted up on Bristol Indymedia too.
Your article may even be turned into a front page feature and put into the middle column with a picture. As Bristol Indymedia is intended as a regional news resource, anything which isn’t directly relevant to Bristol or the South West may be hidden, but only if your article is outside of, or breaks guidelines, will it be moved to our hidden section.”

Please Visit:
The Bristol Social Forum e-group will soon be upgraded to a better on-line platform where groups across Bristol will be able to more actively share files. To join the existing e-group, please send a blank email to the address below and wait for the confirmation message:
“On Sat 30th April 2005 Bristol activists from diverse political backgrounds organised to launch the Bristol Social Forum. Inspired by the World and European Social Forums, and bonded by the belief in people over profit, local social forums now exist across the UK and around the world. The Bristol Social Forum aims to be a place where people can communicate, learn from each other and form active campaigns around local issues, in the belief that getting together is vital for effective campaigning.
The first World Social Forum, held in Porto Alegre in 2001, proclaimed that ‘Another World is Possible’. The World Social is 'an open meeting place for reflective thinking, democratic debate of ideas, formulation of proposals, free exchange of experiences and inter-linking for effective action, by groups and movements of civil society that are opposed to neo-liberalism and to domination of the world by capital and any form of imperialism, and are committed to building a society centred on the human person'."