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I'm 18 years old and totally bored with my job. I have a small amount of money saved up and can stand work for a little bit longer to save up more. But all I want to do is leave. I'm totally new to the whole travelling thing and have no idea of where I want to go apart from wanting to be in Europe.

I'm looking for somewhere that has a young crowd, good atmosphere, a lot of job oppurtunities, nice weather and basically a less boring way of life.

thanks for your help

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Seeing as getting any kind of job in an EU country is VERYYYYYYYY hard.... You should give it a lot of thought. I know that the Greek Isles are a great place for travelers to get an easy job in a restaurant or bar. I would stay away from northern EU due to high costs of living, and extremely hard residencey permits to get. Good luck.....

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I donno if i agree with that.

I'm bored of my job but i'm suffering 2 more months then i'm just moving to Ireland. All depends on what kind of work you're lookin for. Restaurant work is easy to get no matter where you go provided you have a working visa.

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i concur with the above. my friend went to live in ireland for a year, working and living sort of thing. she did fairly good. she worked at a jewelry store, some office, i forget the other place. although she is half irish - she lived in canada all her life, but managed to get an irish passport. so that probably helps. nevermind. i'll be doing the same thing sometime next year. i'm living on a bit of a trip in five months..when i do the tour i'll end up in the uk and try to get a job...hopefully one relating to my industry :) depending on where you go, you may be able to get a working holidaymaker. it allows you to travel and work at the same time. different countries have different rules...but i don't know if it's only for people from the commonwealth countries. i think i remember seeing a post where someone from malaysia got one or something. either way, if it applies, it's a good way to see some sights, work a little, meet some people. oh, also (and i'm going to sound like my dad now), it doesn't matter where you go, you can still find yourself in a boring way of life. guess it really comes down to what you do with your time and resources and the place you're at :) so best of luck!! i hope you find what you're looking for :):)