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in four weeks I'll be making the trip/move

Should I do sydney-melbourne-adelaide-alicesprings-(plane to)goldcoast-and then up the coast?


just save some of that money for activities and go from sydney to cairns up the coast?

I kind of want to see great ocean road but I can imagine I'll have no problem finding interesting things between sydney and gold coast that would make up for not seeing that. But at the same time this might be the only time I ever make it out to australia...

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How much time will you be here? Do you have enough money to do all of this?

I really like Melbourne and the Great Ocean Rd heaps, the scenery there is quite unique. I have never been to Adelaide but I don't think it is a "must-see" city. After living in Aus for about a year I still haven't been to the Red Centre, not sure I will make it there but I am sure I will regret that. So yes, I would try to make it to Alice Springs. The east coast is great. I haven't seen all of it just mostly Queensland. So as far as an intinerary...If you have more than 3 months i would recommend

Sydney (I am assuming you are flying into Sydney)
Red Centre next
From there Start north east coast and work your way down (if you can get a flight from Alice Springs to Cairns)
Travel on the down the east coast as far as you like..You could always fly from Brisbane to Melbourne (to cut out NSW)

Hope this helps...sorry it is quite vague..

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I'll be there 4 months. I've been looking more at tigerairways. they seem to be cheap if you travel light. so now I'm thinking sydney for two weeks to get adjusted. then to melbourne and the surrounding area for a while. From there there seem to be cheap flights all over the country. I'll probably do round trip flight to alice springs for a week. then up to gold coast, From there I'll make my way up the coast.

Before I was looking at trains, but it just seems too expensive. I think if I can keep my bags under the limits, flying is the way to go.