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I`m living and teaching in Japan right now and am itching to do some volunteer work during my holiday time. I`ve found a ton of projects but all require hefty "participation fees". I found one fantastic project in southern China but I`ll not be able to participate as public school holidays in China clash with school holidays in Japan. Anybody know of other fee-less projects in East Asia? My main countries of interest are China, Mongolia, Taiwan and in SE Asia. Vietnam. South Korean and Japanese project information is also welcome. Obviously I`m after projects which provide accommodation and meals either free or at a reduced price. Any type of project is also fine.

Thank you

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Hi there we can help... lots of opportunities in Cambodia!

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Would consider volunteering in Chiangrai, northern Thailand, teaching the toddlers in a rice farming village?

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Yeah, I feel the same way...
Would absolutely love to do some volunteering in Vietnam, after falling in love witht he country on my travels last year... Want to do somehting meaningful, but also feel the 'fees' mostly inappropriate and too costly. I don't want to go with a bubble-wrapped organization, and although am more than willing to contribute money-wise to the cause I want it to be more about the time I'm dedicating than financing organisations' profits.... Can anyone help?

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There is a most amazing school outside Siem Reap in Cambodia that you should have a look at:


We spent 5 weeks there last year and are still in contact and now arranging our next visit.

There are no fees to volunteer with IAM Foundation.

If you would like to see some of our amazing adventure there, check out our pictures and SE Asia blog:



If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to be in contact.

Sabai Sabai

Pamela :)