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Good morning everyone,

Well, I finally got my plane tickets and are headed to Japan with my girlfriend - it's her second time leaving the United States, and so I'd like to make our stay in Japan as pleasant and affordable as possible. This will be my third time in Japan.

Frommer's recommended using Toyoko Inn for accomodations, and I was under the impression that we'll probably use it for accomodations this June - unfortunately, the company does not allow non-Toyoko Inn members to place reservations approximately 60 days before the requested date and looking today, all of the "regular" rooms for June were already full - months before I'm even able to make a reservation!

As a backup, I'm trying to find alternatives - and since this is my girlfriend's first time in Japan ryokans are not an option sadly. I've checked some of the recommended hotels here on the site and didn't seem to appeal to us.

So far our backup, for Tokyo at least, is to splurge for an Annex Tower double room in Shinagawa Prince hotel but for Kyoto, we're really not sure. Any recommendations for cheap accomodation (that's not a ryokan) would be awesome.

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Why are ryokans not an option on a first trip to Japan? I haven't actually stayed in one yet (been trying to find one for a couple weeks from now but can't find affordable ones) so I'm just curious what it is about them that may not appeal to someone who is experiencing Japan for the first time.

I can't help you on cheap hotels since I don't tend to stay in them, but if hostels are something that interest you at all, then I can highly recommend K House Backpackers in Kyoto. Its probably the nicest, cleanest, and best set up hostel I've stayed at in any country in many years. Google them, they have a website. If your image of hostels is a pile of backpackers jammed into a dorm room, and that's not something that appeals to you (understandable), then they do have affordable private double, twins, etc... I think a private room is somewhere in the 2900-3500 yen/person range depending on what type you want. Quite cheap for Japan, and with a hostel you have the added bonus of being able to self-cater meals and meeting lots of fellow travelers.

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Well ryokans have curfews - and we have friends in Japan that we'd like to hang out with outside of the curfew hours at their homes.

Update: I've checked the hostel you recommended and it looks fantastic! Yea, definitely what I thought of hostels ;). Now to find a place in Tokyo...

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Here`s one for Tokyo. Very cheap and nice enough. About 20 minutes from central Tokyo.

good luck