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Hi all,

I plan on a RTW trip starting around the end of March next year. I am in the early planning stages at the moment. I have a very vague outline of what I want to do and was hoping you lot would be able to give me pointers. At the moment the plan is:

Thailand: Start in Bangkok for 1 week, the spend about 2 to 2.5 weeks travelling around Thailand (Where do you think I should take in here) then back to Bangkok again stay about 3 nights on a fancy 5* hotel since its so cheap and you dont often get to do it (I was tinking the Lebua at state tower, what do you think, any better ideas?) Then I will fly on to:

Singapore: for 1 week. Im not sure about this stop. Is it worth staying here for a while if so have you any suggestions as to what I should see and do or do you have an alternative stop? Then I will fly to:

Sydney: 6 months. I will be staying here and working and building up a bit of money again. Is Sydney the best place to go? From there I fly to

New Zealand: for about a month. I will travel from the south Island to the north Island taking in the sites and possibly some adventure sports. Any suggestions for here? Thing to do, places to see? Is 1 month too short/long. A friend of mine stayed here for 6 weeks a few years ago and said it was the best holiday of his life. From there I plan to fly to

Fiji: 1 week. This stop is like Singapore. Im not sure whether I should or not. Any suggestions/alternatives? My last stop is;

Tokyo: 1 week. Any suggestions as to what to see and do here. Would Tokyo or Hong Kong be a better final stop.

Finally if you have any general suggestions about bugeting, planning or organising the trip I would be really grateful. Thanks for all the help.

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Hey Cooperguy.

Lucky you, it's so exciting planning a trip. I spent some time last year in S.E.A. traveling alone.

I would highly recommend Northern Thailand for treking, cookery courses, culture. It is so chilled out.
Or maybe you'd prefer to make your way overland down south to the islands? If you're into diving this might be a better idea.

If you haven't got your flights booked yet I would choose Kuala Lumpur over Singapore anyday. KL is so vibrant, a hotpot of cultures - fantastic. Singapore in comparison left me cold!

If you need to save some travel time I found Air Asia great - cheap flights.

I had my stop over in Tokyo on the way home as I'd been to China before. ( you might also be offered Mumbai if you're flying with Star Alliance). Tokyo was amazing - completely different to anything/anywhere I've experienced before. It was a little expensive to be sure - but worth it.

Best of luck - wish it was me all over again .

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Nothing booked yet so still plenty of scope to change where im going. Thanks for the reply I had never considered Kuala Lumpur, I think Ill look into that one. I have heard alot of different stories as to how cheap Thailand is, im just wondering how cheap you found it (Price of food, beer, accomadation etc.) A number of the stories I have heard have varied greatly.

Oh and your right. It is very exciting planning all this

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I found Thailand extremely cheap.. especially compared to the UK & Ireland.

As you are travelling alone it will be a little more expensive, accomadation for example is general priced per room - therefore if there were two - you'd only be paying half the price. Tuk-tuks etc. would also be halved.

Food prices will vary from town to town - you can spen a little or as much as you like. If you move a few streets away from the main throughfare you'll eat cheaper. Also don't be afraid of the food stalls - just choose well! If there are plenty of others eating from a particular stall & it looks clean then you should be ok. ( note I said should! )

As i was travelling alone & female I didn't indulge in the sacred beer untill I got to Perth (met up with friends). I made up for lost time though!


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