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hey all

ok. so i have decided that i need to get humble and do some charity work and want to go out to africa this xmas for just a few wks with my best mate. ideally in rural villages..teaching...building..whatever just a good experience needed!!

thing is im finding it IMPOSSIBLE to try and volunteer without having to pay hundreds of pounds for the privilege of doing it!!!!!

does anyone know any charities where u only have to pay a small fee?

how hard can it be to say i want to help, here i am, but am not prepared to pay £0000's!!!!!

all suggestions most welcome!!!
Anna :)

2. Posted by baluba (Respected Member 407 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Get yourself a copy of Green Volunteers, it lists hundreds of projects from free to mega dear, not just africa, but all over the world.

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Hey Anna

I totally feel for your situation. I was looking to do some volunteer work in Africa as well. My friend and I tried for months and months to find positions, but are not able to go simply because we couldn't find the proper position. I have talked to a couple people living in Ghana and a professor of mine who does research there and they have basically said that most agencies expect you to bring a lot of money with you. I think part of it is that it is insurance for them in case you are a lousy volunteer, then at least they got your "donation". Another aspect is that many of the companies are based out of the UK/States/Australia and have huge fees that never even make it to Africa.

The other thing, in your situation that may be a problem is that many will not take anyone for less than a month, especially with teaching positions because it is not sustainable.

Now I am looking for a position in the fall, but it seems like I can't find anything that will cost me less than about US$1000 after the registration fees, etc. I am considering going to Latin America instead because there are a lot more opportunities for cheap. It sucks though because I was really looking for the distinctly African experience.

I will let you know anymore information I find and keep me posted on how you make out!

Kristy :)

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I would really like to volunteer somewhere as well, but have found the same problem, that you have to pay loads for the priviledge, which seems stupid. My friend reckons if I were to just turn up there(not sure where "there" is?!) and offer my help then that would be the best way to go about it for free. Im not sure I'm that brave just to turn up somewhere though!

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Totally agree with you.
Yes it's really ironic to be willing to help, and work for long hours for free and not being able to do so anywhere. I would love to do so too, but I haven't got that much money to pay the organizations. I wouldn't mind working like 16 hours a day for nothing, but I just haven't got the money to pay them the "donation". It's really frustating, plus knowing that there are lots of people in the same situation as we are. Can you imagine all the help that we would willing to offer and that is just wasted???
Definitely this is a world for rich people, it doesn't seem right to me...
Good luck, and if you find something, please advise!!!!!!

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It is interesting to know that many people wanting help there little help to improving the life mankind but unable to do so.I think independent volunteering is a one of teh best way to contribute to these efforts, the world is now becoming a global village, with internet you can research possible grassroot initiative that need your expertise.

If anyone want to volunteer with a grassroot initiative you are welcome to come over to Liberia and work with the African Child Peace by youth for youth and also with help of other international volunteers.Ten years ago it would be impossible to connect online with grassroots organizations such as this one. We are lucky to live in this era and to be able to learn about projects by ACPI and its partners. While ACPI has only been in existence since 2006, there are already lots of great things happening.

One particularly innovative project is the Caldwell Youth Peace-Building Centre. This centre was originally funded by the UN Mission in Liberia and it provides skills training for survival of Liberia's youth as well as promoting a culture of peace and conflict resolution. IT training, HIV/AIDS awareness, youth forums, literacy and education, a peace library, and peer assistance programs have all been initiated and are at various stages in progress. Fund development is an ongoing project as well. The Centre is built in an area of Monrovia that was once infamous for recruiting and training child soldiers.

You will be able to have an African experience working with the local community.

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Don'r you need to be really experienced in something to do this, like a Doctor or Nurse?

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It is weird--how you have to pay to volunteer your time. I guess they have to pay to lodge and feed you, so that's where the cost comes in. Still, it seems very, very paradoxical, to me. Going through the GAP Adventures book on Africa, the volunteer trip are by far the most expensive.

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Try (I think otherwise search it) No pay, but big ---serious commitment, not to be taken lightly!!

Good luck