4 weeks in May - where should I go?

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My idea is to start my trip at Melborne, stay approx. 5 days. Than flight to Ayers Rock for 4 days, to Brisbane for 5 days, to Carins for 5 days and than to Sydney for 5 days.

What do you propose to me? Do you think that these are to much places to visit within 4 weeks? Or should I travel by bus and visit only 2-3 places?

thanks a lot!


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It's a lot of flying, but I think that should be doable, and still gives you enough time in most destinations to properly enjoy them. Smart thinking on not including the flight days in your mental count of the days that you're staying in a place, as effectively they're 90% lost.
Bus trips in Australia are mostly boring, as the scenery changes only very gradually, and the distances are huge. So yeah, flying is definitely the way to go for such a short time period.

Personally I'd also consider cutting one day from Ayers Rock and two days from Brisbane (except if you're planning on hitting the Gold Coast from there a lot) as you'll have exhausted them each after three days, and adding those days to Sydney or Melbourne (allowing you to for example do a Great Ocean Road trip from Melbourne).

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thank you sander for the tips!
in effect I'll decide to get some flights, of course sydney and perhaps melborne (with great ocean road), perhaps brisbane (with fraser island) and perhaps ayers rock. well also cairns should be visited but....i don't think I'll have enough time.

do you think travelling alone is dangerous? and...well my english knowledge is not sooo good, do you think this would be a problem?


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If you feel you have to cut a destination, I'd recommend doing Cairns + Great Barrier Reef before Brisbane + Frasier Island (though I never visited Frasier Island, alas, so maybe I really missed out there).

I travelled by myself for over two years through Australia and New Zealand, without any problems. Australia is a really safe country, so there's absolutely nothing to worry about. (Though of course big cities do still have dodgy neighbourhoods that should be avoided at night; but that's just common sense.)

Based on how you write, I suspect you won't run into too many problems with the language. If you do run into problems, don't get frustrated (that makes one harder to understand), but just slowly try to say things in a different way.