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11. Posted by nicksource (Budding Member 21 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Is there any information or suggestions you can provide for traveling with public services in Canada? Is there certain areas which are restricting, or certain methods?


12. Posted by SamSalmon (Respected Member 626 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

The only restriction I can think of is a ban on motorised transport in Provincial Parks.

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There's also a wonderful place called Butterfly Village (or something similar) near Buchart Gardens (on Vancouver Island). Also, there are some places near there were you can get honey straight from the source (the beekeepers) on the island. Be sure to go down by Victoria Harbor, take the ferries from Vancouver Islands to Vancouver or through the San Juan Islands of Washington (in the US), and definitely go to Banff. Lastly, consider going to Grouse Mountain in the summertime. It's a ski resort that in the summer has a great view of Vancouver and also some grizzly bears and wolves on site (in wild wilderness areas that are gigantic cages) that are quite interesting to see.

In Winter, go to Whistler--the fantastic ski resort.


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Reading all the great suggestions about where to go in B.C. I wanted to add Okanagan Valley as it is one of my favourite places in the state. The lake and scenery are fantastic, there's plenty of activities to do, including some yummy winetasting ;). Also the area isn't very touristy then (this might have changed by now - ten years later ) and I remember it as the perfect destination for a weekend break from the city.


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Yes the Okanagan is a must see and it's half way between the coast and the rockies so it splits the trip up a bit.

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Hi there,

This is a reply i wrote to another person visiting Vancouver Island and may help you out.

The first thing you will want to take into consideration is the ferries from Vancouver and which day you will be departing Vancouver.
Friday afternoon till about the 7:00pm ferry is crazy (in the summer time and weekends) and you will spend upwards of 4 hours in line. Add a couple of hours on the ferry and then a fairly solid line of traffic until you get out of Nanaimo the trip to Mcneil in 1 shot can be tedious at best.I would highly recommend timing your ferry trips to be an early morning departure(6:30 am)from Horsehoe Bay or Tsawwasen to Nanaimo or Duke Point dont go to Victoria if you are heading up Island.
Ucluelet is a beautiful spot and so is Tofino. My personal favorite is Bamfield as it is off the beaten path, has awesome hiking, (part of the Westcoast Trail begins there) great fishing, and protected Kayaking (the Brioken Group or Deer Islands) The hike to Cape Beale is amazing with Native artifacts and rugged remote beaches. My personal opinion of Ucluelet and Tofino is it is way too busy in July/August.(20 years ago I enjoyed it very much) Now I go in the off season.
A friend of mine runs a small B&B type of cabin rentals on the west side of Bamfield called Woodsend Landing. His websites not to great but it has been a good stay for my wife and me. I also reccomend taking a look at this video as it covers a lot of remote areas on the Inside Passage of Vancouver Island on a working cargo shop. Very well done video with lots of info.
I am running out of room but I wil post another reply to tell you about some other great destinations in BC.

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Hi again,
After 20 years of exploring BC, and Alberta

My top 10 list of "Must See Places in BC" (remote and unpopulated) are:

  • West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island. (all or parts of it) remember it requires pre-booking

  • Inside Passage from Vancouver to Alaska (cruise by boat/yacht , float plane sightseeing tour, or small daytrips to the highlights ( a very large area and could have many posts just on this area)

  • Bute Inlet and the Homathco icefields in spring

  • Bella Coola valley in the fall. (also access to Tweedsmuir south from here)

  • Queen Charlotte Islands and the Haida Gwai villages

  • The Stikine River all or parts of it by raft/kayak/canoe/ or jetboat

  • The Skeena river and some of its tributaries around Terrace, BC

  • Tweedsmuir Park particularly Hunlen Falls (very remote)

  • Wells Gray Park ,particularily Helmcken Falls(easy to access)

  • Strathcona Park on Vancouver Island near Campbell River

This is not in any order and there are many other amazing places to see, and visit. Not knocking the Okanagen by any means as I spent many a summer there when i was younger but it is not (remote) and the lines of truck/campers, motorhomes, and jetskis etc, etc, turned me off years ago. It is beautiful country and their are many backroads too explore as well but I tend to lean towards (or they tend to draw me) the Coastal Mountain range and the river valleys leading to the Pacific ocean.

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I love hanging out in BC. This will be my 4th weekend getaway to BC during 13 months and will be challenging the Grind! I'm looking forwarding for the skytrain to connect to YVR. If you are depending on public transportation, check out the link below for scheduling.

Got rollerblades? Are you a bike rider or a jogger? There is a bike/skate/walk nature path that goes around Stanley Park which is lovely. Unsure if some parts are still sealed off due to a really bad rainstorm a couple of years ago.

A few years ago, I went to Science World and thought it was disappointing and a couple of months ago I went to the Vancouver Aquarium which I thought was ok but quite expensive. Also, I think around Gastown and Chinatown areas, you'll probably notice homeless, "street people", "dark activity" at night. You might want to shy away from these areas at night time.

Have fun!!

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Hi I have lived on vancouver island my whole life (mainly in victoria)....the butchart gardens are beautiful but they are very touristy! Victoria is a georgus little city if you come here you must see the olympic mountains at sunset or rise on the breakwater on a clear day it is very beautiful! That being said considering the amount of time that you have i would skip the city and go up island to Tofino, it is a small unique surfing town and is said to be like a mini australia, with waves around the beginner/intermediate level for surf. The cowichan river is AWESOME, people float down it in tubes and there are seriously thrilling rapids that will throw you off if your not careful...first timers almost always get mild injuries (bruised limbs ect) but it is more than worth it. If you go to cowichan and ask how to get to skutz falls anyone there will know how to get can buy inner tubes to float on at the home depot...the good part of the river that starts at skutz takes about three hours...the water is tourquise, semi high cliffs with lush greenery growing off...its very very sereen and is an hour drive from vic, its also not run by anyone and mainly just locals know about it! its a must see
Also Hornby island is a local jewel, the water is warm to a tropical level and there are nude beaches and its really pretty. Not too mainstream either.
Hope that helps a bit , happy travels!

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