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thanks to everyone who is giving their time to read this. I am looking to travel next year with a few freinds and was wondering if anyone who has already travelled to give me some advise. We are going to Australia for 6 months where we will work for the majority of the time. We are then going to travel South east asia for 3 months, South america for 3 months and central america for 3 months. What i was wondering is how much will i need roughly to be able to do all of this.

Many Thanks For your time.

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hey guys...from what i hear South east asia is very cheap. you can get by for 20 euro or less a day. Aus is more expensive but if your working you should be fine. depends you don't want to be working the whole time! type in lonelyplanet in to google and they have some good guides on different places and what you need to get by for a day.

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A rough guide that is possible to get by on without living it up at all is $35-40US in Australia (assuming you are working most the time rather than travelling constantly), most of south east asia between 20-25US a day but you could get by cheaper, South and Central america about 30-40US a day depending on which areas you visit and what you do.

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Hi there

I live in Sydney, Australia.

You will be able to do it on a budget if you don't eat out all the time. You can do Sydney on a budget it just depends on where you are going to stay.

I guess it all depends where in OZ you will travel and how.

Any questions feel free to ask!