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Hello all you wonderful posters!

I was on here for advice on a backpacking trip last year and received a lot of great advice.
I'm looking to travel to the UK this summer to visit a friend. My trip will be 10-14 days long and I'll be staying in Manchester with him for a few days. I've already been to London in the past so I'm going to try to avoid spending more than a day or so there (or I may just fly into Manchester).

In total, I'll probably have a week to 10 days to see the sights. I'm interested in getting a taste of Wales (Cardiff) and Scotland and maybe the Lake District, but fear this is too little time. Also, will approx. 50 pounds a day be adequate during July? (That is, if staying in hostels, cooking our own food - budget travel all the way...I've noticed other posts mentioning bus travel in the UK as more cost efficient.)

If anyone has any suggestions of places to see instead of the ones I mentioned...I'm definitely open to suggestions....I'd love to see everything, but have to be reasonable about it....grrrrr :)

Thanks so much for your help.

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Hello DeliriousH.

Bus travel is very economical for long distance travel, providing you are travelling between major cities. If not, trains may sometimes be a better bet, best to check out both. The main budget long distance bus companies are Megabus and National Express (check out the 'funfare' routes).

I love the Lake District, I think it is the most beautiful place in England, though I am a bit biased as I was brought up there. It's also a good stopping off point, being midway between Manchester and Glasgow. I personally like Keswick best, on lovely lake Derwentwater (great for rowing) with some nice and not too difficult walks from the town and nearby. Obviously you could spend a few weeks in the Lake District, but 3 well-chosen days wouldn't be a waste.

There are plenty of worthwhile places to see in Wales, but it's in the wrong direction from Manchester if you're heading to Scotland.

I would leave either Wales or Scotland for another time, and maybe go to just Scotland (and miss out my beloved Lake District) as the Highlands are just stunning. 10 days is definitely not enough to fit in all of the things you've suggested.

Skip London this time.

Hope this is helpful and not too garbled....

Edit to say that £50 is enough if you stay in hostels, cook own food, etc - book transport as far in advance as you can!!

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Liverpool is ok to visit, specially if you're a fan of the beatles and it is the european capital of culture 08. and its only about a 50 minute train journey from any of the manchester rail stations. cost should only be around £10 to £15 return.

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Hi there!

I totally agree with magycal1 - Wales is lovely but timewise the best thing to do would be head north. The lake district is a must, though i'd avoid busy windemere. And if you can get there i'd try for edinburgh as it's much nicer than Glasgow. If you stay in Manc for 4 days (i live there and know it's very nice but..) i'd try and get in a day trip to York on the train. It's only about 2 hours and it's well worth it - totally gorgeous city and lots to see.

Budgetwise you should be ok (just..!)

Hope that helps!

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york is a must

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