travelling to oz,where to first fiji or elsewhere?????

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Hello :), me and a friend are travelling to oz in may but want to stop off on the way.We want to go somewhere to chill out;) and relax for a month or two(and not spend too much money) before getting to oz and going mental (not literally) .My friend has suggested indonesia cos its cheap like thailand and he wont stop going on about it and i suggested fiji tho i had no argument cos i dont know much about it.So can anyone please help resolve this so we can decide on where to go. What is the cost of living like in fiji?, is it suitable for backpackers on a budget?, cheap accomodation? cheap adventure tours? Ive tried looking on the net but all i get is undless pages not really giving me the ins and outs that i want.So could anyone give me some advice it would be really appreciated

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If you're flying from the UK, I'm pretty sure you won't be able to fly directly to Fiji or Oz, and will have to stop in Thailand, Hong Kong or Singapore (maybe other places) so it would make more sense to stop off. I have been to Oz and just switched planes in Singapore, its a very tiring flight. So a stop off in South East Asia sounds like a good plan, and your friend is right, it is very cheap. Its also a popular stop off for backpackers on route to Oz.

I'm off to SE Asia and Fiji next year and SE Asia is much cheaper than Fiji, but Fiji isn't particularly expensive for backpackers. If you went Island hopping in Fiji, its around $70 FJD (£20 ish) per night and includes food and accom. Whereas you can quite easily get by on £10 a day on SE Asia.
I've found the Lonely Planet and Rough Guides very good if you want to check it out properly!

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I would forget Fiji all together

Go to Thailand for sure! That should be including in your flight a stop off in Bangkok!

You can survive on next to nothing in Thailand. Save your dollars for Sydney!

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thanks ive been to thailand already in december and so was hoping to go somewhere just as cheap but different.I keep hearing alot about fiji and thought it may be a decent alternative.Ive checked for flights to fiji (£500) and most of them stop off in LA on their way to fiji.From fiji i checked its about £85 with virgin blue to fly to oz.Thinking bout doing this but dont wanna get their and realise its more expensive than i thought and regrett not picking indonesia.

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Just one thing... be careful with the flight from Fiji to Oz as they (Oz) might and most probably do want to see an onward ticket already purchased... they can be pretty strict!

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Definately Bali, much more interesting and cheaper.Dont be fooled Fiji is not really cheap.Garuda (Indonesia's airline) travels in and out of Australia and the UK. Sadly they no longer serve NZ.My son and daughter inlaw used them to travel to and from England 4yrs ago and got a 1night stopover in Bali. (paid by Garuda) I am sure you could extend it if they stopover to Australia anyway it will give you something to look into..