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Hello A;;
I am a novice traveler and would very much appreciate information on a travel destination from someone who is knowledge as I have not finalised my location but I will list what I am interested in in a distanation
This may sound strange but is truely what I am looking for. I want a country or destination to a place that allows people to live without alot or any Goverment rule
A area where the citizens can live their life as they choose and a place with very little,or no law s that do not dictate or infrindge it's peoples live s and what they want to do
Also a place that is warm to hot all year long
I am aware people may ask why do this person want to go or live in such a country/place and what I have described is what I dsire very much which brought me to this site to ask knowledgeable experienced traveler s as I am a novice traveller
Any advise is greatly appreciated
Cheer s

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Can you tell me what do you wnat to do exactly ?
I want to see if Iran is suitable for you or not ! ;)

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There is a hippie community in Goa, India and one on the Canary Islands that sound like what you want.

@ payam