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This is my first post here on the forum. I am thinking of travelling around or emigrating to a new country in a few years. I would like to know what countries you would recommend. I am really looking for a cheap country with warm weather and an option to buy house/land in a few years.
I work as a freelance website designer/developer so I need fast internet access. I also would need to how hard it would be to get a visa in the country. I am 22 male and from The United Kingdom.
I will be working from where ever I am set up with wages of £300+ a week coming in.

Thank you.

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Many countries in Central America could meet your needs. Real Estate in Costa Rica and Panama are getting expensive, but other countries like Honduras or Guatamela could still be inexpensive. I have run into a number of folks that have emigrated down that way. Generally if you can support yourself and have some cash, immigration to these places seems relatively easy.

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Singapore seem to meet all the needs you mentioned. We're extremely wired up (there's free and fast wireless nearly everywhere now), warm, and many expats from Western countries like UK, US, Europe etc find it cheap to live here. The government has also recently loosened legislation to make it easier for foreigners to live and work here, though I'm not sure about your specific field.

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The Malaysia: My Second Home program is kind of set up for this. Although you're not allowed to work in Malaysia, I think if the income is from overseas, then that wouldn't be an issue. You just need to be able to pay a deposit of 300,000 Malaysian Ringits (~ £47,000) and you're in!

It would meet your criteria of fast internet, access to beaches and a generally low cost of living. Also, very good as a hub for travelling throughout the rest of Asia.

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You can kiss Western Australia goodbye.
At the current xchange rate 400 GBP = 870 AUD and that ain't very liveable.
I would expect that living and working from Oz would attract Aussie income tax, housing (rental and buying) is very expensive due to the mining boom) and, although WA will need a projected 400,000 workers in the next 10 years, I don't think website designers are high on the list.
Check out the Oz government website.
I know that the WA government's attempt to attract qualified migrants from the Eastern States (QLD/NSW/VIC) has not been a great success and the aim is to advertise primarily in the UK.

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hey whataya know I'm a freelance web/print graphic designer. I'm currently in the states but I am moving to New Zealand to look for work. Graphic design is on their immediate list of wanted skills. you just need a degree and/or a few years experience to apply for residency as a skilled migrant. Although I don't think you need anything experience for the initial visa though. It's only in the Auckland region, (which is warm) but I hear that it's a design savvy town.

Keep in mind that no matter where you go it might look better to work for a well-known company that can vouch for you when the time comes to apply for residency or an extended work visa... as opposed to being self-employed. Also a company has to show that they interviewed aussies and new zealanders before deciding on you. But maybe you can move there and open your own business. look into it. I know here in the states I had to get a business license (just for Pennsylvania) before I could do my taxes since freelance here meant that I was my own business. This could be complicated in other countries, I'm not sure.

I got a 1 year work visa for NZ with the help of bunac. They helped fill out all the right paper work It only took a few weeks. NZ was really quick to respond. but now I can apply for positions over there.

Not too sure about the UK but for US citizens we have the option of extending the visa an extra year. I figure if I don't find a good design job in two years than it's time to move on anyway. and if I do find a good job I'll have enough points to write a letter of interest and to apply for residency as a skilled migrant. plus I can use that two year window to show potential employers that I am genuinely interested in long-term work as opposed to somebody back-packing for a few months.

I make move there in august and a nursing friend is moving with me shortly afterwards. so If you are interested keep in touch through here and I'll definitely let you know how it works out.

If you are not moving away for a couple more years I would just start saving and gaining experience. get your resume/cv and portfolio looking top notch. and reading up on what ever country you decide on.

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Also keep in mind...strong language skills are required for design. so if you are looking for warm and english, los angeles, san diego, pheonix, austin, dallas, houston, northeast australia, and auckland probably fit the bill. although in san diego and miami it might help to know spanish and english