2 women - Jordan/Cairo/Dubai need advice on tours, to do!

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My friend and I will be in Amman, Cairo and Dubai at the end of the month and I need some help. I have travelled quite a bit (on a modest budget) and am very comfortable. My friend has not travelled so much and is very comfortable spending a million dollars! Yikes! What I am trying to do is find reasonable options that will make her happy too...make sense? Of course we want to do the standard things (we are tourists right?)

Amman - Petra and Jerash
Cario - Giza etc, Islamic Cairo, Nile cruise and Museum
Dubai - is there anything not Las Vegas like in Dubai ;) Any suggestions here would help.

Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated! Even a cost friendly way of getting from the airports! For example, I would go outside and negotiate a cab but she's uncomfortable with that and wants to take the $75 USD transfer. UUUGH! Choose your travel partners wisely right? Anyhoo, I am determined to have a fabulous time and you can help! Thank you!!

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One way to drive home the issue is to argue with her the following way: Don't tell her how much it costs, but how much money she gives away for nothing.

Not: 75 USD is too expensive. Instead: You are throwing 70 USD out of the window of that taxi, because 5 USD is how much the hotel will pay the taxi driver to pick us up from the airport.

(5 USD is a very reasonable fare for international business travellers from Cairo Int to Cairo City, Egyptians pay a lot less.)

Another way to save money is to draw up a rough budget. Ask her outright how much she can afford to spent, compare that to your finances and compute your daily budget.

First time travellers often don't understand daily budgets outright, it is something that they need to learn. It is hard to drive home to somebody with 1000 EUR that in their savings account that their money will not cover a 6-week-trip through Europe if all they calculate with is the cost of a hostel bed at 15 EUR per night and some food.

I think that once you got your daily budget down and know how much you can afford to spent per day, it will be much easier for you to negotiate budget options with her.

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Hello! I just got back from Dubai a month ago, it is an amazing city. You definitely get a Vegas vibe when you are there but there are plenty of places to go that are touristy without being too much like Vegas. Getting a cab from the airport is a little expensive, as there is a 20 or 30 dh fee added to all fares. When you are around the city though, cabs are pretty cheap and you can get to many places for about 6-10 dirhams (about $3-5). The Gold Souk is a must see as well as Jumeira beach. It is definitely the prettiest beach that I have ever been to. There are a lot of great malls too. Even if you dont want to spend a lot, they are so cool to look at. (Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Buttata mall, city centre) The desert safari is awesome to, I think thats about 60 or 70 dollars. There is soooo much to do. Have fun!!