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Hi all i am new to this forum page but my brother and i have a huge problem . we have been traveling down through Texas and Mexico and were now heading towards panama and Columbia as you probably know there as been alot of fighting there and the embassy says not to go through . do you of any other way of getting into south America without flying out budget is incredibly tight were considering just going to Cuba and Jamaica and spending the rest of our time there can you help please .

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There really isn't any way of getting from Panama to South America without flying, actually, so I'm not sure what you were expecting. Overland travel from Panama to Columbia is out of the question, unless you happen to be Indiana Jones or a FARC rebel, so with or without the troubles between Columbia and every other country in SA and CA, you would have to fly. If budget is a concern, I would consider finding an alternate route or cutting some of the Carib trips out of your itinerary. Flights from Trinidad and Tobago to Venezuela aren't expensive, maybe you could cut out Jamaica and go to T&T instead, and then from there travel to Venezuela from T&T.


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the fighting started when we were in america we were hopeing that it would calm down we have managed to arrange a ferry to take us to south america thanks for your help anyway . ally

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good to hear you`ve sorted an alternative route. Could you tell me about the ferry, where from and where to and who runs it, it sounds like the sort of thing i want to try. also the name of the ferry and how much. I would appreciate this as I am in the other boat so to speak, In South America wanting to get north past Columbia.

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Venezuela is much more dangerous than Colombia-note spelling.

Also-Trinidad and Tobago are much more expensive than Colombia-as is Jamaica-I can't believe what Jamaicans charge for a night in a plain hut.

If you don't have the money to fly Panama-Cartegena then you're stuck-even taking a sailboat to Colombia is going to cost at least $US 100 each possibly even double that.

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Again Sam is right, there is an overland route from Panama to Colombia but very difficult and involves one internal Panamanian flight and possibly waiting 2 or 3 days or more for a boat. Best option fly Copa Air one way to Colombia or Ecuador, a couple of hours and you are there.

By the way posters..The country is COLOMBIA not "Columbia"