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Just trying to decide on which travel guide for Australia, it's between LP, Rough Guide or Lets Go. Which is your favourite??

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Definitely Lonely Planet. I think their practical info is far better than the others and I prefer their format.

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As a general rule for most countries: I'm indifferent about Rough Guides so don't bother buying them, hate Let's Go so won't waste money on them (have tried them several times and usually end up tossing it), and love Lonely Planet and so just about always use them.
However, somewhere on my Australian travels I happened to pick up a copy of Let's Go and used both it and the Lonely Planet. For the most part Lonely Planet was superior. However, I did find Let's Go surprisingly useful at times. LP tends to try to be something for everyone and therefore lists accommodation, restaurants every budget, much of which is not useful for any one traveler. However, Let's Go is strictly written with the low-budget traveler in mind. Therefore it listed much more info such as camp grounds, grocery stores, and practical info for the self-driver or independent traveler. As a very low-budget couple traveling with our own car, we often found this sort of info much more useful then LP.

So if you are traveling by public transport or backpacker tours, staying in hostels, and not self-catering too much, then I think LP is always the safest bet. If you are planning on driving, camping, always self-catering and trying to do things as cheap as possible, then I would say its a tie between LP and Let's Go. The best thing to do is head to a book store, browse through a copy of each and see which one you like the set up of best. Picture yourself arriving in town in Australia and see which book has the info that you would be looking for. I'm pretty sure LP now has a Shoestring guide for Australia which is aimed at the budget traveler, however I can't seem to find it on their website. If you come across it it may be useful to you.

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def not rough guides, they are sooo negative. Put you off going anywhere. I reckon lonely planet. My lonely planet East Coast was pretty good.

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Yeah, I agree about the rough guides being negative, 'this place was great 10 years ago.....' is the favourite. I took Lonely Planets for Queensland and Tasmania and they both served me fine.

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