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1. Posted by handmade (Budding Member 10 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi, eveybody.

I want to travel with my family by car between London and Edinburgh ,driving up by one side of UK and down by the other side. Have anyone made this trip? Which are nice cities to stop, nice places to sleep, etc?

I want this trip to take 5/6 days, sleeping 2 nights in Edinburgh.



2. Posted by bob flinn (Full Member 173 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi Aline,
I would suggest having a look at the YHA and SYHA web sites with lots of information about the regions you want to pass through and from that you can decide which places are of interest to you and your family, you will get a lot of detailed inforation there and of course you can also consider using their accommodation.
Certainly the Lake District will be a must, Castle Howard in Yorkshire is a place of interest, however, it is probably better to do your own research.
Enjoy the planning and the trip.
Bob Flinn

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not too sure about south of manchester but north of that theres a few places, when on the west make sure you drive through the lake district theres plenty of nice places to stay there, lake windamere is good but a little touristy.

theres pickering in yorkshire where they filmed parts of the harry potter railway stuff if you've got kids.

liverpool is a good place to briefly stop in if you're a beatles fan but theres not a lot else in the city

Blackpool is super tacky and touristy but is a big destination for a cheaper holiday by people here, they have a big ammusment park, beach, tower

on the east side you have to visit york, great place

whitby is a nice seaside place and quite relaxed

Newcastle is ok, if a little on the different side :) norwich too, quite a chilled out place.

other than that, anywhere in wales is pretty good, the north side is the most tourist heavy part but the centre has a lot of nice castles etc. I'd stear clear of the bigger cities outside of london unless thats your thing, birmingham,bristol,sheffield,manchester,leeds etc are all just big dirty places with nothing too much to distinguish them.

Sleep wise, not too sure, but theres plenty of Bed & Breakfasts around most of the places above.

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Dear Aline,

Trip to Edinburgh:

You are right on the button planning to visit my native city - a place of great beauty, known as "The Athens of the North" for its classical architecture, if the sun shines. Alas the climate almost everywhere in Scotland can be vile at times.

Starting from London, I think you will probably have to bypass pretty, agricultural, East Anglia, which is a shame as I live there now. The first stop after a moderate day's driving should be York. Do not miss the Jorvik centre of Viking life built on the site of the excavated 8th/9th century York. Walk the walls. Walled cities are now rare. Visit the Castle Museum with its reconstructed street of Victorian Shops. Don't know the ages of your famil. Do you have young siblings? They should love all this, and also your parents, I hope. Alas this will mean an extra night in York. Start early the next day.

Head north, maybe visit Lindisfarne and Bamburgh Castle on the Northumbrian Coast.
If you are keen on the Roman Wall, it is best to visit one or more forts while still on the East side of the country. The best explanatory centre is VINDOLANDA where you can see artefacts without parallel such as admin. documents, letters home and private correspondence form officer's wives on wax tablets and also in ink on wood writen when the fort was occupied by Roman troops. The wall that is left stretches from the west of Newcastle stretches across moors to Carlisle on the west side of England.

Reach Edinburgh after a long day, no longer a cheap place so maybe stay at the recently expensively furbished Central Youth Hostel (Scottish YHA). BOOK AHEAD on line. God knows where you will park the car. Make enquiries beforehand and download a parking map. The city is appallingly congested. Enjoy this fantastic city for at least two days. Try to visit a theatre if there is anything suitable on and imagine the poulation doubled during the Festival. An excellent theatre is The Traverse.

Part two of this advice will reach you later when I have looked at the map again. Everywhere I recommend has been personally visited more than once.


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On the west side, Chester is a nice place with most of the walls still there. Heading into Wales there's Llangollen and the surrounding area (not too far into Wales at all, so not a problem if time is limited). If you had more time you could spend a bit more time in north Wales, heading over to Snowdonia.

Possibly a little bit out of the way, but if you head through Bath, you could also take the A4 between Bath & London - there are a few old villages either on or just off the A4, along with a few sights (including Lacock & Avebury). Though if you do this, I'd suggest avoiding Reading on the A4, and take the M4 junction 12 for the A4 (or vice versa), and then possibly head off the M4 for Windsor whichever direction you're going!

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Hi Aline

I didn't notice anyone saying stop at Cambridge, of the 2 old university towns, Cambridge is on route, magnificent buildings, punting on the river, lovely atmostphere. And nearby is Newmarket, a toen I drove through recently, is is a horse -racing town and quite unique, even down to the shapes of the hedges.

On the west side, Bath, THe Roman Baths, a touristy town, but nice and quanit.

And there are simply bucket loads of charming little villages everywhere.