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Although still largely in the idea stage, my wife and I have envisioned what we call our "Epic Adventure". Both of us love to travel, and feel most alive in the freedom of adventure. After dreaming up what would make up the ultimate trip for us, we have decided to do a major drive. Beginning in Edmonton, Canada, we would like to drive to the end of South America, and beyond to Africa. Some of the forseeable hurdles include a budget, border crossings, vehicle shipping (Panama to Columbia, and South America to Africa), and of course a vehicle....

any advice concerning any of these aspects will be much appreciated. Primaraly my thoughts are on which vehicle we should take. Ideally we would drive something dependable, and simple to repair, with ample space for sleeping and storage. A late eighties/early nineties Toyota comes to mind. I am unsure of the practicality of sleeping and storage space in the landcruiser and 4runner, and am leaning more towards a 4x4 pickup with a pop-up camper, or a large canopy. I have also found some companies on the internet who make "expedition" type trailers. any ideas would be great, including any experience/ideas regarding vehicle modifications, spare parts list, diesel vs gasoline etc.

Obvioius ideas include increased fuel capacity, fresh water capacity, security, proper jacks and spare tires... What about inner tubes?

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lots of useful links at - it certainly inspired me!

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Im considering a similiar trip, starting in Vancouver and driving south till my money runs out. Im hoping to make it to maybe Brazil or Peru.

Do you know if there are any difficulties driving across borders? Ive heard that there are all sorts of import fees and things to pay doing a similiar trip across Russia and China. Is it the same in the Americas?