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hey I know there is already a link on the above, but I am planning my ATW trip for Sept and am travelling alone. I plan to fly to Delhi for a couple of nights and then travel overland to Nepal stay there for a month or so and then back down to India for 3mnths! Do I need a visa to fly into India for a couple of days, how does it work?? And can I get one for 3mnths???

I believe I can get one for Nepal at the border!?

Any help would be brilliant

Thanks ;)

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Hi there,

Your trip sounds good. I was in India the year before last -

The standard tourist VISA does last for for three months so you dont need to worry about that. I think that you will need a VISA to fly into India though as we did.

Hope thats some help!


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Not sure about the UK, but for Australian passport holders the standard tourist visa for India is a six month multiple entry visa.

You will need to have a visa for India regardless whether you plan to spend 1 day or 3 months there to begin with. You would probably be denied boarding on the initial flight if you didn't have a visa, because it is the airlines responsibility to return you home if you get denied entry for visa problems.

For the Nepal situation the following is on a visa regulations site for a UK passport holder:

Tourist visa can be issued on arrival for a stay of:
- 60 days, fee: USD 30
- max. 150 days, multiple entry, fee: USD 80